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February 15, 2011

What Is ‘Phased Retirement’?

Phased retirement is a term used by The National Alliance Research Academy in its 2010 research report “The Looming Professional Gap: The Aging of The National Insurance and Risk Management Workforce.” It’s a term I’ve heard elsewhere as well. Here’s how I define phased retirement as it applies to insurance workers who plan to retire…Read more

February 3, 2011

All Signs Point to WAHVE

The pool of part-time, flexible-schedule, professional jobs – precisely the ones that appeal to retirees – is growing. Read more: The New Best Jobs for Retirees –

January 23, 2011

What Can WAHVE’s ‘wahves’ Do?

There are two common questions we get asked here at WAHVE from insurance firms who are seeking to outsource jobs and or process work: 1) How does the hiring process work? WAHVE has a database of over 350 qualified insurance people throughout the U.S. who have retired or are retiring from their firms but would…Read more

January 20, 2011


Friends, have you read the latest AARP Bulletin, Special Edition, Boomers @65?  It reinforces what we already know about Boomers; that we have broken records as the most youthful,  educated, and richest generation in our nation’s history.  We are knowledgeable and technologically savvy, and (according to this article) not wealthy enough to cover the cost…Read more