One person can change everything

Work doesn’t wait. Yet finding the right talent is a time-consuming, often frustrating process. Fortunately, we have experts with decades of experience who are ready to fill your resource needs. Matching the right expert talent to fit your need is what we do best. Find out how to get started today.

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"Our wahve has been amazing. She's smart and quick as a whip and wonderful to work with. I am so very thankful for our wahve and all that she has done for us!"
Bailey M. Battle,
Keen Battle Mead & Company

We are passionate about helping insurance firms find experienced talent they can count on

The insurance industry continues to face a critical shortage of experienced professionals as baby boomers retire. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to find experienced, trained professionals or new trainable talent locally.

WAHVE bridges this gap: We match insurance firms in search of experienced staff with retiring insurance professionals looking for “work-life” balance as they phase into retirement.

WAHVE has helped hundreds of insurance firms find exceptional talent. Plus, we have helped our industry’s retiring professionals stay productive by extending their careers as they phase into retirement.

A talent solution

We are not a temp agency, a recruiting firm or a headhunter. We are a freelance talent resource solutions platform that provides insurance firms with seasoned insurance industry professionals. You get qualified, right-sized talent for as long as you need it. Our complete, efficient and cost-effective solution takes all the stress out of finding the right talent.

Talent matching at its best

Our unique qualifying process and technology platform matches the right experts wherever they may live to your specific needs, whether full-time or part-time; they fit right in with your current team. They are ready to work, and provide a career’s worth of experience behind them.

You gain consistency and productivity while saving on recruiting,  hiring, training, managing and turnover costs, as well as on-going staff costs and office overhead.

Our pretiring wahves benefit, too. They gain income, life-work balance and the ability to remain active and feel valued.

A WAHVE of change

WAHVE is recreating the retirement paradigm. We are enabling experienced insurance professionals to continue their career as freelance professionals. Wahves are able to share their skills and augment their retirement earnings while helping companies meet their goals. All from their home business office.

We are challenging the traditional belief that people are more productive working in the office. As research has proven, people who do their work remotely from a home office can be more productive than their in-office counterparts. But they must be highly qualified, experienced professionals. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who tell us how capable and productive wahves are.

There’s a wahve for nearly every job. Our database includes thousands of insurance pretirees located throughout the U.S. Wahves have 25 plus years of work and industry experience, many with numerous designations (CIC, CPCU, CISR, ARM, etc.) and licenses. They are redefining retirement from the work place.

We think our service and wahves are second to none. They are the experienced, technologically savvy, productive insurance professionals you’ve been looking for.

WAHVE’s award-winning approach is endorsed by more than half of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association (IIABA) State Associations nationwide and the “Clark Howard Show.”

WAHVE’s CEO, Sharon Emek, talks about how WAHVE brings exceptional pretiring talent to work for you, eliminating the burdensome costs of recruiting, hiring and onboarding for your organization.

"It could take months to train someone. Wahves bring a lot of experience and knowledge, and they are doing the work because they want to do it."
Pam Horner,
Assure Alliance
How WAHVE works

Finding the right fit couldn't be easier

WAHVE removes geographical barriers. We match you with skilled, trained industry experts from all over the country for a dependable, effective solution that delivers bottom-line results.

Wahves work as though they’re in your office. No matter what the job, wahves contribute significantly without the outpouring of time and devotion of additional business resources. Plus, all wahves have a fully equipped home office with a computer system, dual monitors and a high-speed internet connection. Our technical team works with you to create secure connectivity to your systems, including an internet phone for assignments that require a phone.

Unparalleled talent resourcing

There is no other firm that has anything like WAHVE’s qualifying and matching process, support and highly trained pretiring insurance professionals. All wahves must demonstrate through our assessment process their knowledge of technology and their area of insurance expertise. We get to know our talent better than anyone.

Our team takes care of it all

Once we find and qualify the best vintage talent, we match that talent to your specific need. We manage the placement process, including the remote connectivity. Plus, we manage the ongoing relationship, including billing and payment responsibilities. Wahves are there for you on a dedicated basis and for the long haul. If your wahve needs to be replaced, we take care of that, too – no need to terminate or search for a replacement.

Hiring your wahve takes just three easy steps

1 Request

  • Contact us and let us know your staffing need.
  • We reach out to you to discuss your situation and how WAHVE works.
  • You complete our online Job Request.
  • One of our placement specialists reviews your job request and calls you to discuss in detail your specific needs and requirements.

2 Match

  • We match your job requirements with the right experienced pretired insurance professionals.
  • You receive resumes for each wahve candidate who best suits your requirements.
  • You decide which wahves you would like to interview over the phone.
  • You choose the wahve you would like to work with and confirm working terms with the wahve.
  • Your wahve is outsourced to you on an independent contract basis.

3 Work

  • We work with your IT department to connect your wahve with your systems.
  • We synchronize the training schedule, which is just on your workflow as your wahve is a highly experienced and trained insurance professional.
  • Your wahve is fully productive almost immediately.
  • You are billed only for the hours worked.

It takes a lot to keep an insurance firm going

Insurance isn’t simple. But finding the talent you need can be. We know insurance firms and the jobs they need to fill come in all different shapes and sizes. And we have a database of thousands of qualified, experienced, knowledgeable pretirees with the specific skill set you’re looking for.

Request one wahve—or many wahves—and contract the services that fit on a part-time or full-time basis.

We find the best match to fill any job. Here are some of the many positions we have already supported for our clients.

National reach

We bring clients and vintage professionals together across the nation

Right now, WAHVE’s professional pretirees are working remotely for hundreds of client companies across the country. Technology enables vintage experts to continue to work in their industry and use their institutional knowledge from their home office.

Everyone wins

Clients rave about their WAHVE experience – so do their wahves. That’s what happens when you bring expert talent to companies looking for a smart talent solution.

The level of experience is vastly superior.
Jason Brooks
Vice President IT | Western World

It’s not easy to find good people.
Maria Matarazzo
Vice President Operations and HR | Owens Group

WAHVE has been a tremendous asset.
Ray Pavese
Vice President | Pavese McCormick
Refer a Pretiree

Help a retiring employee

If you have recently retired or soon-to-be retired employees—or know someone who might be considering the idea—help them retire the WAHVE way. Keep their expertise in the industry with the opportunity to pretire working from home.

Consider adding WAHVE to the conversation when employees inform you they are ready to retire. Refer them to the WAHVE website and help them transition into retirement and continue to contribute their knowledge to the industry. It helps you help your people, at no cost to you.

To assist you with the conversation, we have two helpful handouts.

pdf Help Your Staff Retire the WAHVE Way | Download
pdf Phase into Retirement the WAHVE Way | Download