Companies that need and value talent will continue to have access to the brainpower of retired workers.

Why WAHVE? I’m asked that all the time by people who are just getting to know WAHVE. My answer is always the same – because we are passionate about helping insurance firms find experienced talent they can count on and keeping our industry’s retiring professionals stay productive by extending their careers working from home.

Our goal is to provide insurance firms with a cost-effective talent solution. Our wahves bring years of experience with a breadth and depth of knowledge to every client. This means we can provide our clients with the best “work at home vintage expert” (a wahve) to fill a specific need, whether process, support or customer service work, front-office or back-office – on a part-time, full-time, long-term or project basis.

Our wahves have twenty-five years of professional experience with a minimum of the most current fifteen years in the insurance industry. And no matter your needs or your geographic location, WAHVE can provide the talent saving clients the time and expense of the traditional hiring process.

We think our service and our “vintage” workers are second to none. But why should we be the ones to tell you? We think the best advertisement for WAHVE comes from our customers. So we asked them: “Why WAHVE?”

Their answers make up these case studies. We thank them for their honesty and candor. Each company had its own specific need, and they tell how WAHVE is helping them meet that need. As you read through each one, think about how your business could benefit from a wahve worker who is uniquely matched to your company and needs.

If you have questions, call me. I’m always happy to help you locate the right talent that fits your company.



Sharon Emek, Ph.D., CIC
President & CEO