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Because WAHVE gives you choice

Experience has its privileges. Bring your experience to WAHVE and retire your way. Find your balance and phase into retirement working from home with the schedule and workload you want. Ready for your new reality? Get started and become a work-at-home vintage expert – a wahve.

We are contract talent resourcing at its best.

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"WAHVE was the answer to my prayers. I wasn’t ready to stop working, but wanted to work differently. It’s been wonderful."
Judy Radachy
The ideal solution for the work-life balance you have earned

We care about helping retiring professionals, people 50-plus, stay productive and continue to earn income by extending their careers working from home. We specialize in all types of positions in the insurance industry including carriers, retail agencies and brokers, MGAs and wholesale brokers and across the entire spectrum of the insurance industry – P&C, employee benefits / health, and life.

People retire for many reasons. They may no longer want to work in a hectic office environment or sit in traffic.

  • They may want to live near their children and grandchildren
  • They may want to spend half the year in warmer climate
  • They may need to take care of a family member.

But it does not mean that they no longer want to work.

Whatever your reason for leaving the regular workforce, our experienced staff will leverage your years of experience and match you to an assignment that suits both your skills and needs.

The good news is the company does not need to be within driving distance to your home.

WAHVE has helped hundreds of retiring professionals – pretirees – find work as they phase into retirement working from home. Finding the right match for you is what we do best.

A talent resource

We are not a temp agency or a recruiting firm, nor do we offer jobs to supplement regular work. WAHVE is an innovative talent platform that provides a contract remote staffing option to the insurance industry.

  • Carriers, retail agents and brokers, wholesale brokers and MGAs
  • All sectors including P&C, health, life
  • All insurance knowledge, accounting, human resource and other professionals

We are dedicated to helping retiring, experienced professionals continue to work in their area of expertise remotely from their home office. WAHVE provides an independent expert workforce – wahves (work at home vintage experts) – to our clients to fill a business need.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients who tell us how capable and productive wahves are.

Reimagining retirement

WAHVE is reshaping the retirement paradigm. We are enabling experienced professionals to work remotely from home based on their terms. We help them remain engaged and contributing while they ease into retirement. Studies show professionals who continue to work after retirement stay healthier, live longer and have greater financial freedom.

Now is the time to leverage your years of experience, earn continued income, and enjoy a better life-work balance.

A new path to an
extended career
Why not think of “pretiring” instead of retiring when you are ready to leave the traditional work environment? WAHVE gives you that choice. Find your balance and phase into retirement working from home. Get a job with the schedule and workload you want working from home.

WAHVE enables you to:

  • Work remotely from home on a contract basis
  • Secure continued income
  • Find a better life-work balance
  • Choose the days and hours
  • Continue to feel connected
  • Enjoy fulfilling and valued work
"Thank all of you for finding a way to make working at home possible for those of us who may be older but in no way ready to retire. You are all wonderful. Thank you."
Linda Edgemon
How WAHVE works
No one does it better

Our team gets to know you. Through our in-depth interviewing process, we spend the time learning about you and your qualifications. Our process helps us find both the right opportunity for you and the right job and company for your skills and personality.

There is no cost to become a wahve. You do not need to update your resume or pay a service to create your resume. Your application does the trick!

Making the match

Once you are qualified to become a wahve, you work with our team to decide the type of work you prefer and the days and hours you wish to work.

When a job request is received that matches your professional skills and work preferences, we’ll get in touch with you. We’ll describe the job to you, and you tell us if we can submit your resume to the client. If the firm decides to interview you for the assignment, we’ll inform you immediately. You visit the firm’s website and get to know them prior to the interview.

If the opportunity feels like a match to both you and the organization, we will coordinate the setup process between the client and you to quickly transition you to your new remote contract assignment. We do the work to get you a job from home that fits!

If by chance you get an assignment that you don’t think is a perfect fit, our team will take care of it. We’ll find you another assignment that best suits what you’re looking for.

Finding the right fit couldn’t be easier

1 Apply

  • You complete our Preliminary Profile
  • One of our qualifying specialists reaches out to you to discuss your needs and how WAHVE works.
  • You complete an in-depth application and interview to confirm your professional background and qualifications as well as the type of work you want to do now and the hours you want to work.
  • We also confirm through an assessment process that you have the necessary technology skills and expertise to work remotely from home.

2 Match

  • We contact you when a job match is identified,  and we review the opportunity with you.
  • With your approval, we present your career history to the client for consideration.
  • If you are selected for consideration, we arrange a phone interview.
  • If you and the client agree there is a match and agree on the working terms, we prepare the documents on your behalf.

3 Work

  • We provide you with a clear step-by-step process to help you get started quickly. Our team works with you and the client for a smooth transition.
  • You train remotely on the client’s processes, workflows and management systems, which typically takes 3 days.
  • From your home office you log in to the client’s system each day and complete your work.
  • We pay you bi-weekly for the hours worked.

Make your expertise pay

Why not think of “pretiring” instead of retiring when you are ready to leave the traditional work environment? You can stay in an industry you already know and love—but on your own terms.  That’s the beauty of pretirement with WAHVE.

WAHVE is a game changer for firms and a life changer for vintage professionals.

We have clients looking for experienced talent such as yours. Use your institutional knowledge for one of these jobs. Here is a brief list of some of the positions.


Here is a brief list of some of the positions.

National reach

We bring clients and vintage professionals together across the nation

Right now, WAHVE’s professional pretirees are working from home for hundreds of client companies across the country. Via technology, wahves are enabled to continue to work in their industry and use their institutional knowledge while working from their home office.

Everyone wins

Wahves rave about their experience. Our clients appreciate the expertise wahves bring to their companies.

WAHVE brings the right fit of experience together with the needs of business, creating unimaginable opportunities.

I would never go back to working the way I was before.
Elaine Lovelace

It was just that simple.
Jeanette Stair

Insurance is in my blood.
John S.
Refer a pretiree

Help a colleague retire the WAHVE way

Know another accounting, human resource, or insurance expert who may be ready to “pretire”? Send them an email about WAHVE. A WAHVE extended career is a great way for them to transition into retirement and keep their valuable talent in the industry.

We’re too young
to fully retire!

Click on the send email below for an editable message you can forward to a colleague or friend. We thank you for sharing our vision for pretirement.