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February 13, 2020

Minimalism: The Secret to Greater Productivity

The idea of minimalism is something we often associate with design or consumption. We picture pristine IKEA homes, boxes of items set out for donation, a tight budget that cuts down on buying clothing or gadgets that we don’t really need. But minimalism is just as applicable to decluttering our minds, as it is to Read More »

January 30, 2020

Work from home? Save big.

Remote employment doesn’t just save you minutes while you avoid the morning and evening commutes. Besides skipping rush hour and office interruptions, working from home saves money, and not an insignificant amount. GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics estimates that the average remote workers saves between $2,000 and $7,000 annually. Thousands of dollars saved each year. So how does it Read More »

January 16, 2020

Get Moving: How to Stay Active at Work

Today’s jobs are increasingly sedentary, driven by technology that enables more sitting and less moving. You’ve probably heard that “sitting is the new smoking” when it comes to your health. Research has linked sitting for long periods of time to high blood pressure, difficulty regulating blood sugar, and slowing metabolism — all leading to an Read More »

January 2, 2020

OK Boomers, Slackers, Karens, Unicorns and Snowflakes: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

With four primary generations now coexisting in the workplace, it’s not surprising that a few generational feuds are brewing and bubbling. Boomers (born roughly between 1946-1964) mock millennials (1977-1997) for expecting participation trophies and being like Peter Pan (never wanting to grow up), while millennials think Boomers are out of touch. Gen X (1965-1976), once Read More »