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Are Web Designers Taking Vintage Population for Granted?

Are Sites Being Built for Vintage Americans?If you think that some of the websites you’re visiting don’t fit your needs as a vintage American, you’re not alone.

A recent article in MediaPost noted that: “20% of the 55 and older group feel sites are designed for people their age.”

That’s a problem in and of itself – but web design that’s ignorant of seniors is simply lacking business savvy. This target audience is the one with the most purchasing power: Adults age 45 and older spend $1 trillion more each year than do younger adults, notes the article.

The author — Jim Gilmartin of the firm Coming of Age, Interactive Baby Boomer & Senior Marketing – calls for “larger, darker fonts, higher color contrast, simple design, relatable creative, storytelling, and consistent layout” to welcome vintage webs visitors.

But it’s more than that. Good web design – like good business and good interpersonal relations – includes recognition of the needs, wants and desires of the other person.

Are some of the websites you visit selling vintage Americans short?

— Sharon Emek, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE)

1 thought on “Are Web Designers Taking Vintage Population for Granted?”

  1. Mike,
    Agree. Most people are uncomfortable moving our of the box they are used to working/living in. I think most are not even aware that they are functioning that way. They think they are embracing the newer technology when in actuality they finally became comfortable with “older” technology. It’s not just that “those voices hold short-term views that desire the path of least resistance, the least risk, the fewest dollars,” but they can’t see they that their views have become archaic in a short period of time; they need to watch out for the dinosaurs. In today’s world, with change happening not quite as fast as the speed of light, agencies need to become agile if they want to out perform their budgets.

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