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Word on the Street

July 19, 2011
What do Wahves say about WAHVE? Turns out they are delighted to be working with the forward thinking, innovative insurance firms t...

Hiring Going Higher

May 18, 2011
More than 40 percent of companies are aiming to hire more employees in 2011 a much-brighter employment forecast than in 2010. “A...

Hire (Battle) Ground

April 5, 2011
Insurance hiring managers: Is finding and retaining qualified employees about to get even more difficult?  Insurance firms are in...

A Senior Moment

March 20, 2011
The term “senior moment” is well known as a light-hearted description of forgetfulness. Many people have said, after a...

All Signs Point to WAHVE

February 3, 2011
The pool of part-time, flexible-schedule, professional jobs – precisely the ones that appeal to retirees – is growing. Read mo...


January 20, 2011
Friends, have you read the latest AARP Bulletin, Special Edition, Boomers @65?  It reinforces what we already know about Boomers;...