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July 12, 2011

Postponing Retirement? Actuaries Say It’s Not Easy

There’s no doubt that many workers want to postpone retirement—so they can keep paying the bills, build retirement accounts and boost pension benefits. Many Americans today literally cannot afford to stop working, especially those with skimpy retirement plans. But, weighing in on the trend, actuaries say that workers may be looking at postponing retirement through Read More »

July 11, 2011

“You’re Hired.” A Wish Come True for Boomers

We are currently placing Wahves in agencies, brokerages, and companies across America. So even if the June employment numbers for the over fifty set weren’t great (see them here in AARP’s Bulletin), we, at WAHVE, are thinking they may not reflect the forward thinking insurance firms that we do business with. And just wait until Read More »

June 28, 2011

Current Retirees: Highly Educated and Still Ambitious

Here’s an excerpt from a report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute ( where they state that “among those age 65 and older, labor-force participation increased for both males and females. Education is a strong factor in an individual’s participation in the labor force at older ages: Individuals with higher levels of education are significantly Read More »

June 22, 2011

An economy that works: Job creation and America’s future

The McKinsey Global Institute published a report recently focusing on the rapidly changing job market. Looks like they found out what Wahves already know! “The US workforce will continue to grow until 2020, but under current trends, many workers will not have the right skills for the available jobs. Technology is changing the nature of Read More »