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No, I Don’t Work in My Pajamas

Judy Bush - work from home

When I tell someone I work from home they inevitably remark, “Oh, you get to work in your pajamas!” Yes, I work from home, and, no, I don’t work in my pajamas.

As I transitioned from being a 9 to 5 agency account manager working in a cubicle to a wahve working from my home office, I maintained the mindset that I am doing the same job, but just in a different place.

Not long ago, I saw a TV commercial showing someone working from home. They were sitting on a sofa with food all over the place and kids jumping around. I thought to myself, Is that the image people have of people who work from home? 

Personally, I dress business casual every day, and I am prepared for a meeting on Skype at any time. Even though it would never happen, I would welcome a client into my home office as well.

I recently had an opportunity to give someone advice on how to successfully work from home. The office manager at my dentist was leaving her job to start working at home for her husband’s business. When she found out I worked from home, she asked me how I did it. I stressed that it is imperative that she set up her office in a private room of her home or at least in a private area and to establish the mentality, “I still go to work every day.” Further, I suggested she set specific work hours and include a lunch break. She should dress appropriately and let it be known to her family and friends that she is “at work.” Just because I’m home doesn’t mean people can drop by or call or text me. And, sorry, you’ll have to wait until I get off work for me to play that Facebook game.

On a survey from WAHVE, I was able to express my opinion regarding the image people have of those who work from home. I recommended they show wahves in their actual offices to demonstrate our professionalism even though we work from home. The picture above is of me in my home office.

Do you work from home? What advice do you have for someone wanting to work from home?

Judy Bush is a wahve living on a farm with her husband and 40 cows in Virginia. She works for an agency in Texas. Prior to becoming a WAHVE she had a successful and rewarding 25 year career in a retail agency where she received Travelers High Achiever award , was Insurance Woman of the Year and a past president of Association of Insurance Women.

5 thoughts on “No, I Don’t Work in My Pajamas”

  1. I have been a Wahve for 2 1/2 years, and the transition is not always easy, because people don’t always understand that you ARE working. Getting ready for work in the morning always starts with a sower and getting dressed, usually business casual. Dressing the part goes a long way to making you feel like the professional that you are. My insurance career has spanned 50 years and working for Wahve and my agency in Texas is a wonderful experience.

    1. Seems we have working for a Texas agency in common. I so agree with you in that how you dress goes a long way in how you feel about what you’re doing. Thank you for your reply and all the best in your Wahve future.

  2. I have been a WAHVE for almost 2 years. It really was not much of an adjustment for me. I still get up every morning and get ready for work as I always have for many years. My house is quiet, because everyone else has gone to work. My family is used to not contacting me until after work hours anyway, so it worked perfectly for me. I love not having traffic and office drama. I can do so much more work without the normal office distractions. Love, love, love it!!!

    1. Hi Leona,

      I so agree with you about the commute and office drama. I already had an hour commute and the office moved which added another fifteen minutes so that is when I went looking and found WAHVE. It is the best job experience of my life! I can truly say as you said I Love, love, love it!!!

  3. I have worked remotely or from home most of my professional career. I agree that having a routine is an important success factor. While the commute is short I still get up, get ready, and go to work every day. I also think technology has vastly improved the work from home experience. Collaboration software and tools like Skype have helped me feel less isolated and more connected to my co-workers.

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