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What is a wahve?

A wahve is a retiring insurance professional who works from home to fill a resource need for one of our clients as an independent contractor.

How does WAHVE work?

We qualify the industry’s retiring professionals who want to continue to work from their home business offices. If qualified, they become independent contractors to WAHVE. We match them to your specific work request, and if the wahve and you agree to work together, we outsource them to you on a contract basis. Wahves cost less because they do not require office overhead, are not employees and have more competitive hourly rates.

Do I need to purchase any technology and equipment?

For most, all that is needed is a broadband Internet connection, remote access technology, and additional management system user licenses, if applicable. If the assignment requires use of a phone, you will be responsible for the cost of the phone.

Are my computer system and data secure?

Your computer system and data are completely secure. Wahves work in a totally secure environment just as you currently do when you or your staff work off-site at a client or at home. Wahves work within your systems and none of the data ever leaves your office.

Why do retirees want to go back to work?

Most retirees want to continue to work in some capacity, which we are calling pretirement. We think the concept of retirement needs an update. People will become pretirees before retirees. The statistics are clear that people are living much longer, that they will need to supplement their retirement income and stay productive. People decide to retire for many reasons: They no longer want to work in a hectic office environment; they no longer want to sit in traffic; they want to live near their children and grandchildren; they are taking care of a family member. It does not mean that they no longer want to work. They know that if they continue to stay engaged they remain healthier and live longer. So we choose to call them vintage professionals who are pretiring for better life-work balance.

Why is an insurance industry vintage "pretiree" professional a good resource option?

Insurance industry vintage professionals are a far better option than settling for unqualified staff and turnover. Wahves deliver:

  • A wealth of insurance knowledge
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Strong productivity
  • The ability to communicate with clients
  • A strong understanding of the regulatory issues
  • Knowledge of the culture and a fluency of the language

Vintage professionals have years of intellectual capital to contribute to your business.

What are the benefits of hiring wahves?

There are many benefits to hiring our remote contract vintage professionals. Wahves are a very cost effective method for supplementing your regular staff. The typical savings is 40% to 50% on staff and overhead costs. These savings go right to your bottom line. And wahves keep jobs in America!

  • WAHVE removes geographical barriers
  • We match you with skilled and trained industry experts
  • Wahves work for you as though they’re in your office
  • They come fully equipped with a computer system, dual monitors and high-speed internet.
  • Our technical team works with you to connect them to the systems in which you want them to work. It’s that simple.
  • For some types of jobs, we work with you to set up an internet phone so that wahves function just as if they were in your office.

How much time does it take to get started?

Generally, it takes four to six weeks to get started once we receive your request. We work with you to understand the specifics of the job and then search our database to find the wahves that match the professional skill sets you need. Together we decide which wahves you’d like to interview and contract for. Then we need a few days to set up your account, prepare the wahve’s remote desktop and test the communication. Once these are accomplished, you are ready to start training your wahve on your workflow, which typically takes three to five days.

How much of my staff's time do you need?

We need a minimal amount of your staff’s time to set up a wahve. Because wahves are experts in their area, you need very little staff time for training. The only training that is needed is on your procedures, workflow and use of your agency management system.

What if the wahve I hired is not the right fit?

We immediately inform the wahve and replace the wahve for you as quickly as possible. We take care of it all. You do not have to fire anyone.