Hire a wahve


Because one person can change everything

Finding the right talent is a time-consuming, often frustrating process. Fortunately, we have pretiring experts with decades of experience who are ready to fill your resource needs for less than you’d expect. Matching the right expert talent to fit your needs is what we do better than anyone.

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"Our wahve has been amazing. She's smart and quick as a whip and wonderful to work with. I am so very thankful for our wahve and all that she has done for us!"
Bailey M. Battle,
Keen Battle Mead & Company
"Our wahve is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. She is an asset to our accounting team and works well with our outside accountants. having a remote worker has worked well for us."
John Vorbach
John L. Vorbach Company
Expertise you can count on

We make it possible for you to get the right talent for the job. We match your company with veteran (or as we say – vintage) professionals who want to phase into retirement.  You get a motivated, committed worker – our wahves are eager to share their skills and knowledge in a remote position. And you get quality – every one of our remote workers has 25+ years of expertise that they bring to getting the work done.

WAHVE has helped hundreds of businesses fill critical gaps in their staffing while helping retiring professionals extend their careers working from home. They lose the commute – you gain exceptional skills.

A talent resource solution

Unlike a temp agency, recruiting firm or headhunter, WAHVE is an innovative talent platform that provides a contract remote staffing option to the insurance industry.

  • Carriers, retail agents and brokers, wholesale brokers and MGAs
  • All sectors including P&C, health, life
  • All insurance knowledge, accounting, human resource and other professionals

We match vintage professionals with your company’s requirements and as insurance industry experts ourselves, we understand exactly what you need. Our affordable, smart talent resource solution takes the stress out of finding the right expertise

The right match

WAHVE takes the guesswork out of finding talent.

  • We qualify every candidate, then match their skills to your needs, part-time or full-time.
  • With an experienced wahve (work-at-home-vintage-expert), no insurance knowledge training is needed. Wahves only need to learn your procedures, workflow and how you use your agency management system.
  • Our wahves are tech-savvy and have the exact expertise you’re looking for. What’s more, wahves integrate easily with your current staff.

You get a productive, motivated worker without spending excess time and money on recruitment, training, or turnover. Plus, wahves work from home with their own equipment, giving you additional savings in office overhead.

A WAHVE of change

WAHVE breaks down borders. We enable firms to find the right fit, no matter where the talent lives. Our wahves have proven consistently that location is irrelevant. Our wahves prove every day that productivity is not tied to an office. Companies that have hired wahves say the level of productivity from their wahves exceeds expectations.

WAHVE is redefining the retirement paradigm. We enable qualified, skilled professionals to continue their careers as contract professionals into retirement. By connecting these industry veterans with companies looking for their knowledge, WAHVE enables these experts to pretire and continue to contribute from their home office.

A wealth of talent

No matter the job, there’s a wahve ready to tackle it. WAHVE connects hundreds of businesses with thousands of qualified pretirees located across the country. Our wahves have the industry experience, hands-on knowledge, and designations and licenses needed to get the job done.

Our award-winning approach has received endorsements by more than half of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association (IIABA) State Associations nationwide. We have also been endorsed by the Clark Howard Show.

We think our service and our wahves are second to none. But don’t take our word for it – let our clients tell you the value they’ve received from WAHVE.

WAHVE’s CEO, Sharon Emek, talks about how WAHVE brings exceptional pretiring talent to work for you, eliminating the burdensome costs of recruiting, hiring and onboarding for your organization.

"Our wahve has been a great asset to our HR team. She is attentive, flexible and does a really good job on everything I give her. She did a bang-up job on our handbook making sure our state laws were included. She is a true professional."
Kim Sullivan
Human Resources Manager Of Twin Rivers Technology
How WAHVE works
Expertise without boundaries

WAHVE removes geographical barriers. Wahve workers are skilled, trained experts from across the country. Their primary goal – to deliver dependable, efficient results that drive your business objectives.

No office required – our wahves work remotely from their fully equipped home offices. And despite the distance, wahves are readily accessible the same as if they were in your office. No matter what job they’re performing for you, wahves work with your in-house staff to obtain the best outcomes.

Unparalleled talent

WAHVE’s unique qualifying and matching process is unequaled. Our highly trained pretiring professionals go through a thorough and lengthy qualifying process which includes specific knowledge and computer skills assessments so that you get the best level of expertise available.

What to expect

When hiring a wahve, you can expect a smooth transition. We manage it all, from matching the right veteran talent to your specific requirements, to helping you select the wahve that best fits your needs, to assisting you in setting up your wahve to be fully functional within a few days. Plus, we’re here for you to manage the relationship between you and your wahve.  Your wahve is dedicated to your firm for the duration of the assignment. Should you want to replace a wahve, we take care of that, too. No hassles.

We also handle the technical transition. Our technical team ensures secure connectivity between your systems and your wahve. You can also expect minimal training – most wahves are adept at various systems and applications. You show them your process and they do the rest.

Three steps to exceptional talent

1 Request

  • Contact us with your staffing need.
  • Discuss with us the talent you are looking for.
  • Complete our online Job Request.
  • Work with one of our placement specialists, who reviews your request and contacts you to discuss the details or your requirements.

2 Match

  • We match your job requirements with the right experienced pretired professionals.
  • You receive resumes for each wahve candidate who best suits your requirements.
  • You decide which wahves you would like to interview over the phone.
  • You choose the wahve you would like to work with and confirm working terms with the wahve.
  • Your wahve is outsourced to you on an independent contract basis.

3 Work

  • We coordinate with your IT team to connect your wahve to your systems.
  • We schedule training between you and your wahve on your workflow and processes.
  • Your wahve becomes a fully productive extension of your staff almost immediately.
  • You are billed just for the hours your wahve worked.
Find talent
Talent acquisition has never been easier – or better

WAHVE makes finding the talent you need when you need it simple.

Your company is not like any other company. Your needs are unique. Let WAHVE connect you to the right wahve for the task, whether full-time or part-time.

We have a database of thousands of experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified pretirees who have the skills you’re looking for. Whether your needs are back office or front-and-center, WAHVE can match those needs with the right talent for the job.

Request one wahve – or many wahves – and contract their expertise on your terms.

Here are some of the many positions we have already supported for our clients.

National reach
Without boundaries your business thrives

WAHVE connects clients and vintage professionals without regard to geography.

Right now, our wahves are working for hundreds of client companies across the country. Wahves connect through secure technology to support your firm’s efforts and help your company thrive.

By contracting with a remote wahve worker, your company gets incredible industry knowledge and skill at an affordable price. Wahves work from home to exceed expectations and help you and your staff surpass your goals.

Everyone wins

Our wahves are working for hundreds of client companies across the country.

Your company can get incredible industry knowledge and skill at an affordable price. Wahves work from home to exceed expectations and help you and your staff surpass your goals.

Clients rave about their WAHVE experience – so do their wahves. That’s what happens when you bring expert talent to companies looking for a smart talent solution.

The wahves we get are experienced.
Marlene Fletcher

Anyone considering using WAHVE would benefit greatly.
Patrick Hanley

Their work is on par with you existing client management team.
Sandra Reid
Refer a pretiree
Is your retiring employee a WAHVE candidate?

You know talent when you see it. If you have veteran employees considering retirement, help them extend their career while keeping their skills and expertise active in a remote, work-from-home job.

When your employee talks retirement, consider adding WAHVE to the conversation. Help your employee pretire and continue to stay engaged and supplement his/her retirement income.

Below is our literature to help you with the conversation.

pdf Help Your Insurance Staff Retire the WAHVE Way | Download

pdf Insurance Professionals – Phase into Retirement the WAHVE Way | Download