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3 Proven Insurer Strategies for Managing the Talent Gap

Introduction // For over a decade, those responsible for corporate talent management, succession planning and knowledge transfer have been concerned with the maturing of the baby boomers. In its own attempts to address the graying workforce, the insurance industry has faced challenges recruiting college graduates and millennials. The industry recognizes that skill gaps in the workforce and reputational issues of the industry require an innovative response to talent acquisition. Within this paper, we highlight current and projected employment statistics for the industry and present three strategies to address the property/casualty industry’s talent acquisition needs and the challenges ahead.

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The Longevity Economy Generating economic growth and new opportunities for business

A briefing paper prepared by Oxford Economics for AAARP

A recent publication for the AARP by Oxford Economics, “The Longevity Economy: Generating economic growth and new opportunities for business”, demonstrates the extent of aging America’s contribution to our economy, as well as its place as innovator, asset to productivity, and ultimately success for the American workplace. In concluding this, the “Longevity Economy” affirms the place of Americans 50 and over as contributors, innovators, and creators of opportunity for our economy to be stronger, our workforce to be smarter and more productive, and our business culture to evolve and advance with this growing asset of seasoned professionals.

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