Bill Hunt

Feb 6, 2019

Bill is the driving force at WAHVE that inspires businesses to engage our work-at-home vintage experts. He manages his team from his home in Scottsdale. Throughout his career, Bill has developed deep relationships with businesses and is known as a brand in his own right. He has worked with many of the industry’s leading innovation companies delivering new state-of-the-art solutions that have had significant success in the insurance industry.

Bill has a long history of devising solutions for the insurance industry and is regarded as one of the best leaders of sales teams in the technology sector. He was a sales consultant for the Lexis Nexis Insurance Exchange; Sr. Vice President at Artizan Internet Services, a leading company in products that serve the entire insurance value chain; and Executive Vice President at XDimensional Technologies. As a Sales Executive with many successful years at SAP, AMS, and CISGEM, Bill built several successful sales and marketing teams and worked successfully with many of the industry’s leading national brokers and carriers. He has authored and has been quoted in numerous articles on technology research in the insurance space.

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