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  • A note from Sharon
    A note from Sharon
  • Judy Bush
    Judy Bush
  • Ruth "Ricci" Cooper
    Ruth "Ricci" Cooper
  • Melissa Ruiz
    Melissa Ruiz
  • Janis Hix
    Janis Hix
  • Helen Ninno
    Helen Ninno


Retiring professional who want to continue to work will have the ability to work from home and continue to earn a living doing what they love.

Why WAHVE?  I’m asked that all the time by people who are just getting to know WAHVE. My answer is always the same – because we are passionate about helping our industry’s retiring professionals stay productive by extending their careers working from home and helping insurance firms find experienced talent they can count on.

Our goal is to provide our industry’s retiring professionals the opportunity for life-work balance with a quality, satisfying work-from-home job that fits their needs, and to match them with clients who respect and appreciate their experience.

We think our service, our “vintage” workers are second to none. But why should we be the ones to tell you? We think the best advertisement for WAHVE comes from our wahves (work at home vintage experts). So we asked them: “Why WAHVE?”

Their answers make up these case studies. We thank them for their honesty and candor. Each had their own specific need, and they tell how WAHVE is helping them meet that need.

If you have questions, call me. I’m always happy to discuss how WAHVE works.



Sharon Emek, Ph.D., CIC
President & CEO

The best time of my career

Judy Bush

“I wanted to retire because I was tired of the commute but l loved being an account manager. WAHVE gave me the opportunity to have both.”

The dilemma: You love your insurance career, but after 25 years in the office, it was time for a change.

Judy Bush wasn’t looking to leave insurance altogether, just a full-time job with a commute to an office. Judy had a successful and rewarding 25-year career as a personal lines account manager in a retail agency where she received Travelers High Achiever award, was Insurance Woman of the Year and a past president of Association of Insurance Women. Judy wanted more family time and less commute time.

The solution: Leverage your experience to design the job you want.

From her perspective, Work at Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) was clearly the answer. Because of WAHVE, Judy now works from the comfort of her second story home office that overlooks beautiful farm fields. “It truly feels like a reward for the years I put in commuting and working a fast paced personal lines desk at the agency level,” she said. She describes her new position as a personal lines assistant at “wonderful agency” as a dream opportunity.

The result:  A new job, a new outlook, a new challenge—with no moving required.

Judy describes her new role with WAHVE as “the best time of my insurance career.” She enjoys working from her Virginia home. “I can still be productive, keep my insurance knowledge updated and my skills sharpened all the while knowing I am making a positive difference in the daily routines of the account executives I assist,” explained Judy.

Freedom to work from anywhere

Ruth “Ricci” Cooper

"I tried different work options to supplement my retirement income, like working as a temp for an accounting firm, but then I found WAHVE."

The dilemma: I want the freedom to live in different places based on the season

Following a 30 year career in the insurance industry, Ruth “Ricci” Cooper wanted to move to Colorado and retire—or at least phase into retirement, which required finding a different work arrangement.  After arriving out West, she was able to find temporary accounting work, yet it left her frustrated.

The solution: return to insurance

WAHVE afforded Ricci the opportunity to leverage the knowledge she already had in an industry she knew.  The transition to her WAHVE position was quick.  “My friends, who are struggling to find meaningful work themselves, are jealous.  They know I get up in the morning, get my work done and then have the rest of the day to take classes, write, or do other things I enjoy.  I have more freedom, no commute and maybe best of all, get to work in the peace and quiet of my own home,” explained Ricci.

The result:  a job that travels with you

Ricci is adding a North Carolina address, so she can enjoy the warmer beach climate during the winter and still return to the mountains of Colorado when the spring thaw arrives.  She simply plugs her computer in at her new address and her WAHVE assignment continues uninterrupted. Now that’s the ultimate in retirement work flexibility!

The ideal opportunity

Melissa Ruiz

“At this stage of my life, I wanted more time for family and friends and for pursuing things I never had time for.  WAHVE gave me the option.”

The dilemma: I don’t want to miss out on life

”More than work happens during the day—personal obligations, social events, group activities.  Most people have access to some kind of vacation or personal day benefits, but it is limited or comes with restrictions,” explained Melissa Ruiz.” As a result, most people have to miss out because of work obligations and set schedules.”

The solution: cash in your full-time career to create a flexible career

When Melissa moved, it provided the perfect opportunity to parlay her 25+ year career in insurance to a remote position.

She landed with Personal Insurance Agency in Houston, Texas.  Although she lives only 40 miles away, she could just as easily be across the country.  “I was able to go in initially for training, but now I do everything from home.  After walking my daughter to school, I sit down and work till the school day ends.  If anything interrupts my day, I can catch back up in the evening,” said Melissa.

The result:  a job that works for you

With WAHVE, you reclaim time because you don’t travel to work and they match to a job that suits the hours you want to work. That means you can easily schedule appointments, meet someone for lunch, sign up for volunteer opportunities, or have time for a valued activity.

“With my part-time WAHVE position, I can stay involved with my family and friends,” said Melissa.  “And the flexibility works perfectly with my activities.  In the end, that means I get to be present for the most important parts of my life. WAHVE keeps me engaged doing work that feels familiar.”

The perfect fit

Janis Hix

“I was tired of the traffic, the stress, the interruptions and wanted more balance in my life.  WAHVE was the answer.”

The dilemma: wanting to supplement my retirement income—but still feel like I retired

Janis Hix had already “retired” twice. She was senior vice president for Management Personal Client Service at Marsh McLennan when she first retired in 2000. Then from 2001-2009, she served as commercial account manager for Hub Insurance. Yet she was still struggling to find the right balance between work and traditional retirement for herself.

The solution: Design the kind of retirement that works for you

Work at Home Vintage Experts or WAHVE helped Janis find her fit. She set up a small dedicated workspace in her home in Kaufman, Texas near Dallas, and since 2013, she’s been working through WAHVE with the Houston agency. She checks policies, orders loss runs and completes other special projects as needed. It’s an easy transition because she already knows the industry. “WAHVE is perfect for anyone who has insurance background and wants to supplement their retirement income,” explained Janis.

The result: the positives—involvement and income—without the negatives

As a wahve, Janis enjoys “flexible hours, no traffic, no stress, quiet, and few interruptions.” As an added bonus, she appreciates the interest WAHVE has shown in her own welfare, working with the agency to recognize and acknowledge good performance.

Doing what I love

Helen Nino

"I was nearing retirement age and wanted to work in the industry that I love. WAHVE provided the answer."

The dilemma: I want to change my address, not my career

When Helen Nino relocated from New York to North Carolina with 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, many may have assumed she’d simply retire.  “While I was nearing retirement age,” she explained, “I still wanted to work and remain in the insurance industry.”

The solution: work from home

“WAHVE provided the answer. I work from my home for an agent who is professional and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend WAHVE to anyone who wants or needs to work from home,” explained Helen.

WAHVE connects professionals and agencies based on their needs, not on their address.  All that’s required is a dedicated work space within your home, a computer and hi-speed internet.

The result:  distance doesn’t matter

“WAHVE doesn’t care where you are, just what you can do.  Technology makes the transition seamless.  After a bit of training with the agency, I up and running,” said Helen.