WAHVE redefines business as usual

Our one-of-a-kind approach to bringing together pretiring vintage professionals and businesses creates a win-win: companies get highly skilled workers with the exact talent they need, and retiring workers get to continue their career working from home.

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"No other service
offers the level of industry knowledge
and professionalism
as WAHVE."
Denyce Curtis, USI
Making the right connections

WAHVE pairs companies looking for specific skills with the veteran talent who have them. Businesses get the quality and knowledge they need while vintage professionals get to phase into retirement working from their home office.

We disrupt the idea that all work must be done in the office. We are proving every day that older workers who have critical business skills, knowledge and expertise are able to deliver a high level of productivity and do so from their home offices.

We break down barriers. By removing the requirement all that workers be in the office, we break down the walls that confine businesses to a smaller talent pool. Wherever the best pretiring talent is for the job, we help make it happen.

We are creating a “wahve” of change in how and who of work.. Our unique contract staffing approach has won endorsements from several state and national associations and the Clark Howard Show.

WAHVE’s CEO, Sharon Emek, talks about how WAHVE brings exceptional pretiring talent to work for you, eliminating the burdensome costs of recruiting, hiring and onboarding for your organization.

Our culture

We live what we believe

We believe that with the right talent and focus on results, people can work from anywhere. At WAHVE, that belief is our own business model. We are a virtual company. We work remotely, and our collaborative culture has proven to be a highly productive environment.

Founded in 2010 by Sharon Emek, WAHVE has a team of industry leaders who are committed to keeping the industry’s retiring talent, their knowledge and skills, engaged and working. Our hundreds of satisfied clients and wahves are our best advertisement.

Experienced, affordable talent is not easy to find. The traditional approach is to settle for people within driving distance to the office and face constant training and turn-over.

A New Alternative

WAHVE’s innovative qualifying, matching and HR process makes hiring highly experienced, qualified insurance professionals easy and it makes finding a work-at-home job easy.

We leverage our process and technology to fulfill the staffing needs of our insurance firm clients and the working needs of our vintage professionals.

Our vision

Making a difference for a longer productive lifespan

Our goal is to transform how businesses, workers, and society view retirement, staffing, and alternative work arrangements. We help people and businesses benefit from longer productivity.

Our mission is to make “pretirement” part of the business vocabulary. We work hard to help retiring professionals continue their careers into retirement with work-from-home opportunities. We think every wahve (Work-At-Home-Vintage-Expert) should have the career they desire without sacrificing their work-life balance.

We also believe that businesses should have access to the most knowledgeable, highly capable professionals available at an affordable price.

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Our charities

Giving back to help others less fortunate

We believe it is a corporate responsibility to support charities. We are proud to support the following charities as a corporate sponsor.


The CPCU Society is excited to announce that, with our sponsorship partner, WAHVE, we have selected Rise Against Hunger as the beneficiary of the 2022 Good Works Project.

Rise Against Hunger, an international humanitarian organization, is growing a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives and responding to emergencies. With locations across the U.S. and five international offices, the organization provides immediate nourishment for those facing hunger today and implements sustainable solutions that will lift entire communities for years to come. Rise Against Hunger has facilitated volunteer meal packaging of more than 540 million meals to be distributed to countries around the world.

Razom’s Emergency Response is the SOS button that is pressed in times of need. We created this project to provide urgent help and support in face of an extreme and unforeseen situation in Ukraine. Today, the sovereign nation of Ukraine has to deal with the most horrendous and catastrophic emergency – a brutal invasion. Razom is responding to this by providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians. 

Getting Out Staying Out

Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO) is an East Harlem-based nonprofit that supports justice-involved young men (ages 16-24) in New York City through Education, Employment, and Emotional Well-being. Our approach helps our participants to avoid involvement or re-involvement in the justice system. We focus on the individual’s capacities and strengths, as well as developmental needs. Our aim is to promote personal, professional, and intellectual growth through goal-oriented programming and comprehensive support services.

Polaris Freedom Happens Now

“Named after the North Star, an historical symbol of freedom, Polaris works to reshape the systems that make sex and labor trafficking possible and profitable in North America. For more than a decade, Polaris has assisted thousands of victims and survivors through the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline and built the largest known U.S. data set on the crime. With the guidance of survivors, and working with public and private-sector partners, we use that data to understand and improve the way trafficking is identified, how victims and survivors are assisted, and how we can prevent this abuse at the scale of the problem – 25 million people worldwide robbed of the basic right to choose how they live and work.”


The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization and carries out programs to support survivors, educate the public, prevent sexual violence, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice. Since 1994, RAINN’s programs continue to expand and evolve to provide services to more than 3.2 million survivors and their loved ones.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 4.00.04 PM

We at WAHVE are heartbroken over the tragic event that took place in Uvalde, Texas.  We are committed to supporting sensible gun legislation that requires a background check and closes the loophole on gun shows and internet purchases and limits access to semi-automatic weapons. We support the work of Everytown for Gun Safety.


We let others tell our story of value and innovation
"It could take months to train someone. Wahves bring a lot of experience and knowledge, and they are doing the work because they want to do it."
Pam Horner,
Assure Alliance

Our awards to date include:


WAHVE was honored to be included in Next Avenue’s 2019 list of Influencers in Aging, which includes 12 advocates, researchers, thought leaders and innovators who are breaking ground and changing how we age and think about aging. 

Sharon Emek, WAHVE CEO and WAHVE won Silicon Valley Innovation Competition, sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs: They went on to compete in the competition’s finals in Washington, D.C.

 Rick Morgan WAHVE CMO received the Insurance Technology Advocate Award in Memory of Wade S. Dunbar, Jr.,for pushing carriers, agents and industry organizations to do better to evolve the agent and consumer experience.


Sharon Emek is honored by Insurance Business America and awarded the Elite Woman In Insurance 2018 designation.

Sharon Emek received the Leadership Longevity Award: Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the 15th annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit. The Leadership Longevity Awards showcase the nation’s outstanding individual and group achievements in serving the powerful longevity economy. Sharon was honored as one of the “intrepid female entrepreneurs leading successful businesses they built.”


Work At Home Vintage Experts has earned the distinction of being recognized as a Certified Age Friendly Employer™ for 2017. This certification is granted after a thorough evaluation of your response to Certification Evaluation Standards, review of publicly available information, and comparison with standards for policies and practices within general commerce and the healthcare industry.


Sharon Emek received the SmartCEO Brava Award honoring top female CEOs who combine irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for giving back to the community and who are exemplary leaders of both their companies and their communities.

She received the Vistage Leadership Legacy Award in recognition of her breaking the mold of the traditional staffing structure in a way that is changing lives and producing impressive results.

2014, 2015 and 2016

Insurance Business America named Sharon Emek, Ph.D., CIC, Founder and CEO of WAHVE, to the “Elite Women in Insurance,” honoring the work of WAHVE.


The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York (IIABNY) bestowed its highest honor, the 1882 Fellow Award, on Sharon Emek, Ph.D., CIC, Founder and CEO of WAHVE. The award recognizes the individual member who has most significantly contributed to IIABNY, the insurance industry and her community.


Work At Home Vintage Experts received the 2010 Insurance Entrepreneurial Award for its innovative business model.


Sharon Emek was the first woman to receive the IIABA’s Sidney O. Smith Government Affairs Award for outstanding service to her peers and the national association in the field of government affairs.


Sharon Emek received the Distinguished Service Award from the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York (IIABNY).


WAHVE’s award-winning approach is endorsed by more than half of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association (IIABA) State Associations nationwide and the “Clark Howard Show.”

Our software

Comprehensive, customizable, and cloud-based

We developed Brainwahve Qualifying Solutions to support WAHVE’s unique qualifying process, which enables objectivity in the hiring process based on skills and experience and a detailed position description. Brainwahve provides companies with true blind auditions to increase diversity and decrease turnover.

Our platform serves as the comprehensive qualifying backbone to hiring managers and staffing firms seeking to find the best talent. It provides:

  • A candidate application and qualification process with granular skill set tables, quality-controlled resume creation, skills assessments, interviewing and reference checking.
  • A comprehensive position description process with granular skills tables, job functions,  requirements and corporate culture.
  • Seamless integration with most CRM and recruiting software applications.
  • Effortless integration with testing software.

The cloud-based Brainwahve platform can be configured to nearly any vertical market. Brainwahve comes with a strong layer of security and a scalable infra-structure. Hiring managers and staffing companies can evaluate talent and the position requirements, drive efficiency and objectivity into the hiring process and significantly reduce turnover.

Brainwahve Qualifying Solutions – a unique qualifying hiring process

Our team

Leading the way in innovative talent resourcing
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