Reimagining retirement.

People retire for many reasons, they may no longer want to work in an office or sit in traffic or they may want to live closer to family or have the freedom to travel. This doesn’t mean they no longer want to work. In fact, studies show that those continuing to work after retirement stay healthier, live longer and have greater financial freedom.

Retire on your terms.

WAHVE helps retiring professionals in the insurance industry ease into retirement while working from home.

You determine the schedule, workload, and type of work and we match you with a company looking for your talents.

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The WAHVE Difference.

We are not a temp agency or a recruiting firm. And we don’t offer jobs to supplement regular work. WAHVE is an innovative talent service that provides work-at-home vintage contract staff for long-term assignments, part-time or full-time, to companies across the insurance industry. We’ve placed hundreds of professionals like you in every type of insurance industry role at carriers, MGAs, retail agents, brokers, and wholesalers.

“WAHVE was the answer to my prayers. I wasn’t ready to stop working but wanted to work differently. It’s been wonderful.”

Judy Radachy

Why Retire The WAHVE Way?

Strike your work-life balance

You work from home and set the hours and type of work you want, so you can stay engaged and enjoy the leisure time that retirement offers.

Stay connected

Retirement doesn’t need to be all or nothing. You can retire while continuing to spend part of your week doing the kind of work that brings you fulfillment and recognition for the value you deliver.

Earn extra income

Fund your next vacation or home improvement. Your contract income can extend your retirement savings.

How to become a Vintage Expert.


Complete a preliminary profile and one of our qualifying specialists will reach out to discuss your needs and how Wahve works. We’ll learn about you and your qualifications so we can find the right job and company for your skills and background. There is no cost to you.


When we receive a job request that matches your skills and preferences, we’ll let you know. You decide if we can submit your resume to the client. If the firm wants to interview you, we’ll inform you immediately. And if you both agree there is a match, we’ll prepare the documents on your behalf.


We’ll coordinate onboarding to quickly transition you to your new contract assignment. You’ll train remotely on the client’s processes, workflows and management systems. From your home office, you’ll log in to the client’s system to complete your work. We pay you bi-weekly for the hours worked.

Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what your peers say about retiring the WAHVE way.

I would never go back to working the way I was.

Elaine Lovelace

It was just that simple.

Jeanette Stair

Insurance is in my blood.

John S.

Experience the difference of working with Wahve

U.S. Applicants

Canadian Applicants