5 Ways a WAHVE Worker Can Benefit Your Business

Nov 21, 2016


Mark needed help. Based in Boise, Mark’s agency had just recently taken on a new line of business. He needed another claims specialist to help the two he had on staff.

Yet job postings netted no viable prospects. The work was piling up, and Mark’s staff were falling behind. Where was he going to find the help he needed? The Boise employment market was lacking options, but he didn’t want to take a chance hiring someone without experience.

Joy changed all that.

Joy, a 25-year insurance veteran, had recently retired. She’d been a claim specialist for a global insurance company based in Philadelphia. Her track record was impeccable – multiple awards and company accolades from an employer that promoted her a number of times.

When Mark saw Joy’s credentials, he was thrilled. Here was the specialist he needed. Joy went to work for Mark right away. Only…

Joy never moved to Boise, nor did Mark open an office in Philadelphia. Joy was a WAHVE (Work from Home Vintage Experts) – she worked out of her home.

Mark found out what other firms who hire wahves know – skilled, remote workers can enhance the current workforce and do so without all the costs associated with hiring and managing local employees. Mark was able to augment his staff, get the workload reduced, and do so for a reasonable cost.

In fact, a Stanford University/Ctrip study revealed that the remote workers studied felt more productive and were more productive (by 13%) than their in-house counterparts. They were also working longer – 9.5% longer – than office-based employees. Not only that, employees working remotely were happier and less likely by half to leave their employer.

Over the years we have worked with companies just like Mark’s helping them locate their own Joys. Maybe they’re in remote areas of Montana or even in cities such as San Diego. Wherever there’s a limited number of candidates for the job at hand, wahves have filled the bill.

What makes WAHVE a great choice?

  1. Unlimited talent pool. Why limit your talent search to just your immediate area? Your best employee could be 300 miles away or around the corner. Because we’ve selected the best of the best from the insurance industry, the WAHVE workforce is teeming with talent, and their experience could be your biggest asset.
  2. Specialization. No matter where you’re located, you can source the exact skills you need all within the remote workforce. Wahves are career veterans who are looking to supplement their retirement income. And they’re good – possibly the best you could ever hope to hire at a salary that’s well within your budget.
  3. No overhead. You’re not paying benefits, sick time, or disability with a wahve. A wahve is contracted help – not an employee. There’s no overhead, no onsite risks, no vetting of talent. We do that for you.
  4. Easy communication. wahves are tech-savvy. Our wahves use chat, Skype and other online communication tools, keeping them within easy reach no matter where they’re located.
  5. Motivated workers. I’m going to brag now – our wahves are dedicated to what they do, and they come to each job with the motivation to get the job done right. Maybe it’s Sandy in Poughkeepsie who’s there to help your underwriting team or Roger in Anaheim, who’s functioning as a claims adjustor for a broker in Salt Lake City. Each wahve makes a conscious decision to accept the job assignment they’re presented. They’re there when you need them.

What are you waiting for? The talent you need could be available today. With workers boasting decades of experience to be had at an affordable rate.

Where within your own business could a remote worker augment your current operations?

What obstacles are preventing you from using remote help?


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