Calling Out ‘Comfortable’

Jan 18, 2016

WAHVE _Calling out Comfortable_The older we get, the easier it becomes to be more comfortable in who and what we are (or are not). That’s what most people assume, at least…

Sometimes it seems like everyone is under the impression that once you reach a certain age, you jolt awake in the middle of the night with a light bulb above your head, struck with some Dalai Lama wisdom. Once you reach this imaginary, monumental birthday, all of a sudden you have every answer to every universal question. Every question you have ever had is answered. Every doubt you have ever had about yourself dissolves. Right?

It’s a compelling idea, but we know it just doesn’t play out that way. Because we’re clued into an important human truth (and so are you, WAHVER): We’re always learning. About our industry, about the world around us, about ourselves.

A few months ago, Simon & Schuster published a book called Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. In Rhimes’ memoir, she outlines a promise she made to herself to say “yes” to any opportunity that came along that scared her. She would dive headfirst into anything that seemed a little outside of her comfort zone. Whether it was getting in front of a podium to speak before thousands of people, having more difficult conversations with friends who weren’t treating her well, or simply being a couple minutes late to an event to spend more time with her kids….She would find the will to say “yes.” In doing so, Rhimes learned more about herself that year than she ever had before.

The truth is, our “self” continues to change every day. We explore new things. We surprise ourselves. To say we become “comfortable in who we are” is to say we have stopped evolving, when that’s simply not true. As WAHVERS, we know the importance of becoming comfortable with a little uncomfortable.

So, to what will you say “yes?”


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