Communication Construed

Aug 1, 2015

Cicero: Indeed it is a strange-disposèd time; / But men may construe things after their fashion, /Clean from the purpose of the things themselves.

(Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, I.iii.33–35)

We have all encountered personal and professional relationships that challenge the ways in which we communicate. Remembering that all people come with biases, skepticism, a unique world-view and varying levels of business acumen, it’s important to remember these thee steps as we try to build healthy relationships and successful businesses.

BE CLEAR: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Do not assume people understand your innuendoes, sarcasm, tonal messaging or slang. Suggestions are not the same as requests. Desires are not the same as demands. Clear communication is vital for building healthy relationships.

BE CONCISE: the rise of short social media posts, 140-character tweets and micro-blogs it is best to steer clear of lengthy emails, heady pontifications and extended explanations. In an attempt to win over even the most difficult communication challenge, it is best to use bullet points, key words and thoughtfully constructed descriptions. Keep it simple. Keep it concise.

BE CREDIBLE: Know your audience and relate to each person as a friend, a peer and fellow community member. Be honest and transparent while expressing knowledge, skill or expertise in a certain area. Credible people are reliable and reputable because of their ability to kindly and clearly convey truths and facts. Maintaining a relatable and sincere attitude can go a long way.

Don’t risk being misconstrued. Be clear, concise and credible.


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