Competitive Advantage

Feb 27, 2020

The competition for talent is fierce. Companies are finding it harder and harder to keep good talent from taking a job across town for a bit higher pay or promises of better benefits or flexibility. I recently had a client share with me that he wanted to try WAHVE not only because we have knowledgeable candidates who are veterans in their industry, but he’s also hiring a wahve because he won’t have to worry that they will be lured away by a competitor. That put an entirely new twist on things for me. What a way to deal with the frenzied job market – hire a remote worker who is dedicated to your organization who cannot be taken out from under you by your rival down the street. It’s a competitive advantage that will keep his shop running smoothly without the distractions (and expense) of the revolving door.

The remote worker, in this case someone who will work behind the scenes in a back office capacity, will be trained on the client’s processes and procedures, will get to know his or her colleagues and clientele, will be incorporated into the company culture, and will stay put.

It’s no surprise to anyone that this approach saves everyone time, money, and boosts morale.  The wahve’s team members know they are onboarding someone who is dedicated to their organization and who has no intention of leaving for the nitro-cold-brew-serving employee lounge down the street. Supervisors know they are working with a seasoned professional who shows up every day ready to contribute and help the newer staff learn the tricks of the trade. The wahve isn’t looking to climb the corporate ladder (been there, done that) so they are happy to lend an extra hand and not seek a favor in return. And, management sees the value in all the above benefits of the wahve, in addition to getting a support network from WAHVE to help keep the assignment on track and address any issues should they arise.

So, the next time you’re seeking great talent consider bringing a wahve onboard. Your staff will appreciate the knowledgeable help and your competitors may be left scratching their heads on how you’re staying ahead of the curve in the demand for candidates. – Elizabeth Kordek, CPCU Senior Placement Specialist


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