Dr. Sharon Emek Receives Leadership Award Celebrating Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Apr 4, 2018

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Emek was presented with the award during the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit

NEW YORK (April 4, 2018) – Dr. Sharon Emek, founder and chief executive officer of WAHVE, an innovative staffing solution that connects employers with pre-retirement workers, was presented with the Leadership, Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship award at the 15th annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit.

The Leadership Longevity Awards showcase the nation’s outstanding individual and group achievements in serving the powerful longevity economy. The awards were presented during the Summit, which is a one-of-a-kind event that raises the profile of workplace issues specific to Boomers. Dr. Emek was one of two women honored with an award during this year’s event.

“I am honored to accept this award, especially from an organization that elevates the conversation about Boomers in the workplace and values the contributions Boomers make in the business world,” said Emek. “Boomers are either at or nearing traditional retirement age, but many are not ready to exit the workforce. WAHVE provides a platform for them to apply their skills and talents while phasing into ‘pretirement’. It’s a win-win for workers and for businesses who are facing a critical shortage of experienced professionals.”

Since launching WAHVE (Work at Home Vintage Experts) in 2010, Sharon has been at the forefront of the conversation about aging workforces continuing beyond traditional retirement years and the need for more flexible, remote employment across all industries.

Through WAHVE, companies are matched with seasoned talent while Boomer professionals can extend their careers as work from home contractors. Most recently, the brand launched WAHVE Accounting, which provides services within the Accounting sector.

About WAHVE: Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE www.wahve.com) is a unique contract staffing talent solution that brings companies and pretiring professionals together across the country to meet their work needs. Companies get the right matched talent, and veteran workers get to extend their careers working from home. WAHVE’s groundbreaking work-at-home model enables qualified veteran professionals to continue to work part-time or full-time as they phase into retirement and provides employers with highly experienced people to meet their staffing needs. WAHVE has helped hundreds of businesses fill critical gaps in their staffing while helping hundreds of retiring professionals – pretirees – find work as they phase into retirement. WAHVE has recently expanded into the accounting sector to complement its existing insurance practice.

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