Fill in the Blank on Why You Want to Work Remotely

Jul 30, 2018

Examining why you want to work remotely is the first step.

When employers trust their employees to work remotely and when, more importantly, employees take time to examine why they want to be away from the office, a remote working option can be a win-win for both parties.

I hear it every day: “I can’t wait to work from home, so I can _____”.  And the three most common reasons I hear are: reduce stress, end the commute, and avoid office politics.  Of course, there are other answers shared but to be honest these three are echoed over and over from applicant after applicant I speak with.  Remote employees who truly value their “remoteness” seem to repeat the three reasons like a mantra almost unconsciously.  Hum it with me:  less stress….no commute….no politics…  See?  You’re feeling better already.

By closely examining your true desire for working remotely you’ll reveal something about your inner motivations. To be successful working away from the office you have to want to be a remote worker for the right reasons. Not so that you can do laundry, binge watch that show you’ve been itching to see, bake cookies or succumb to any of the dozen other distractions being at home presents. You have to want to work remotely because you want to WORK remotely. Because you don’t want to spend hours in your car. Because you’ve tired of meetings that rarely serve a purpose. Because the mantra has become more like a subliminal scream that you can no longer ignore.  Because…(fill in your reason here).

Working remotely for the right reasons may not only free your schedule a bit but it can also free your mind. You might find you’re more creative, less anxious, and more eager to tackle work that is otherwise pushed off to the side in the office. Several people have told me that their time working from home has given them more energy, focus and drive. It has allowed them to feel more in control of their day and what they accomplish (and they unquestionably tend to accomplish more!).

It’s okay if you’re just not ready to leave the structure of an office or if stress, a long commute, and office shenanigans don’t really exist in your world. There are definite benefits to working in an office such as enjoying the energy of others and interacting in person. This is why you need to start with the question: Why do I want to work remotely? Take your time and be honest about your motives and whether you can really see yourself removed from a traditional office setting, whether it’s on a permanent basis or a couple days a week. This examination is only as good as the time and space you give it. Good luck! – Elizabeth Kordek, CPCU Senior Placement Specialist


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