Finding Your Mojo Again

Dec 19, 2019

Is it time to rethink your motivation?

A good friend came to me recently and asked me to share how WAHVE works and why our candidates come to us. My friend has been in insurance for her entire career and she loves it. However, she’s recently felt less motivated at work. When I asked her why she said she just felt that the time in the office wasn’t as productive as she’d like it to be. She was frequently in meetings, distracted by coworkers, tired of office politics, and of course, dreaded her commute. She has some close friends she enjoys working with but even those interactions aren’t enough to keep her “going”.

It sounded like what we hear a lot from our applicants: they want to keep working and being productive contributors. They are more interested in sharing their knowledge and using their expertise to help a client, and less interested in long days that allow them little flexibility. Her office does allow remote working – 2 days per week. The other 3 days she’s in the mode of making sure she’s at her desk in the office.  She’s starting to feel that 2 days per week to feel ‘normal’ (her word) isn’t enough anymore.

I shared that our jobs are all remote. No office. No commute. No office politics. Our clients are fully invested in our model and use technology to connect to their wahves. The wahves often feel like they are integrated in the team they work with and enjoy the interactions of the office without the other distractions. They work a schedule that allows them to enjoy other parts of their day whether it’s having lunch with friends, playing golf in the morning, running errands or taking the dog for a walk mid-afternoon, etc.

After speaking with her, my friend is convinced that she isn’t ready to leave the workforce; she just wants to enjoy working again. She’s going to take some time to consider making the change and committing to WAHVE. She knows she has many more years to contribute, earn money and be productive in her career and she’s delighted that there may be an option for her that lets her find a balance in how she spends her time and helps her find her work mojo again. – Elizabeth Kordek, CPCU Senior Placement Specialist



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