Imagine This: Work Reimagined

Sep 26, 2012

For those over age 50, “job-hunting can be downright discouraging. AARP is forging new territory in this arena. Enter Work Reimagined.”

That comment introduces the new ‘Work Reimagined’ AARP-LinkedIn initiative. This new national effort aims to help experienced workers find jobs. WAHVE, which created domestic remote outsourcing for insurance firms, is a founding participant in Work Reimagined.

The idea behind WAHVE – keeping talented, experienced people in the insurance industry as they leave traditional careers – is very much reflected in the Work Reimagined goal of expanding work options for over-age-50 workers.

What excites me about this effort is:

— Work Reimagined is a breakthrough not only in helping experienced workers find jobs, but in stimulating and encouraging employers to consider new options for the workplace, include remote work.

— This new digital platform includes tailored online job listings from business social network LinkedIn. WAHVE’s job postings are included. The Work Reimagined blog also provides work-related content, guidance, and a community of experienced workers and companies.

AARP, a national nonprofit organization with 37 million members aged 50 or over, is a major player in the business and political worlds. With the organization’s leadership and profile, I’m expecting a broad impact for this initiative.

— WAHVE is one of 120 participating employers nationally and one of seven in the insurance industry involved in the new Work Reimagined program. Participating gives WAHVE more exposure to retirees, broadening the pool of candidates we can provide to our clients.

Work Reimagined includes a community website at, Work Reimagined LinkedIn group, and job listings from participating employers posted on LinkedIn. WAHVE’s job openings include insurance positions at insurance agencies, brokers, companies and other insurance firms. WAHVE has placed more than 65 workers at insurance firms since its founding in 2010.

As you consider retirement, what is one aspect of the workplace that you’d like to reimagine?

— Sharon Emek, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO


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