An economy that works: Job creation and America’s future

Jun 22, 2011

The McKinsey Global Institute published a report recently focusing on the rapidly changing job market. Looks like they found out what Wahves already know!

“The US workforce will continue to grow until 2020, but under current trends, many workers will not have the right skills for the available jobs. Technology is changing the nature of work: jobs are being disaggregated into tasks, work is becoming virtual, and firms are relying on flexible labor (temporary, contract workers). These trends offer new opportunities for creating jobs in the United States, a trend that some companies do not fully appreciate.”

Wahve does.  Wahve is at the forefront of job creation. We save firms money which allows them to grow and hire more employees.  Wahve connects retirees, a highly skilled labor force, with contract and temporary positions.

We have three words for you: Flexible Domestic Labor. Its not just the future. Its the present.
Click here for link to the MGI Report.


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