Lessons Learned from Strong Leaders

Oct 24, 2016

shutterstock_335422868-768x512It’s great when business leaders join forces to share lessons from their journey to success. Recently, I was honored once again to be part of the Women’s Leadership Forum, hosted by Gerstein Fisher. On September 15th, I joined Linda Rabbitt, CEO of rand construction; Geri Krauss, owner of Krauss, PLLC, and; Cathy Choi, president of Bulbrite Industries to discuss everything from networking to corporate culture.

Moderated by Harvard Business School professor and human capital management expert Boris Groysberg, we reviewed a rand case study, and then we shared our views on networking effectively, handling crisis, building a support structure, creating change through action, learning from mistakes, instilling a reputation of integrity, establishing strong teams, and leading with passion.

Those lessons I learned – and shared – that day are ones we at WAHVE have been bringing to our clients and to our wahves every day. Our wahves deliver in the following ways:

Networking Success: Networking is a crucial step in maintaining a strong presence in the insurance industry. Even working remotely, our wahves build active networks, and they remain actively engaged in the changes within the industry. Those valuable connections are just part of the benefits they bring to client companies.

Teamwork: Nowhere are wahves more valuable than in the team mentality they can bring to a client’s business. Because wahves are singularly focused on one client, they are champions for the client’s operational success. Your wahve is in your corner, and he or she has the support of our entire WAHVE network – as do you. By hiring your wahve, you gain a team of experienced pros.

Integrity: We demand a high level of integrity from our wahves, and as veterans of the industry, they come to each client with a heightened sense of integrity and ethics. Your wahve works with you, not against you. And you can trust your wave to work effectively and resposibly with your customers.

Inspiration: We don’t like to brag, but our wahves are an inspiration. These are career insurance professionals who have chosen to continue sharing their knowledge and skill with client companies when most people would be thinking of retirement. Wahves doing what they do best – working hard for their client companies – can inspire your own staff toward greater performance outcomes.

High level of engagement: In nearly all cases, your wahve is more like a partner than a remote contract worker. You have the benefit of working with someone who has answers and who can lend a new perspective to your business. Because your wahve has actively chosen to work with you, he or she is already committed to your company’s success.

Passion: Above all, wahves can bring passion to their jobs and their client companies. Wahves are drivers of their own businesses, and they help their clients drive incredible results through passion for their businesses, work, and for the insurance industry.

In sharing my story with those of the distinguished women leaders at the Women’s Leadership Forum, I came away with a sense of accomplishment. I started WAHVE on a foundation of honesty and with a focus on the highest level of integrity. To know that such a focus is delivered to our client companies through our exceptionally talented wahves makes me proud to serve this industry.

For more on the Women’s Leadership Forum 2016 click here.


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