New is Still New

Feb 25, 2021

For many of our wahves, a new job in the insurance industry is a lot like getting a new car.  If you’ve been in insurance for 15+ years doing the same kind of work, such as retail account servicing, claims, etc… there’s usually not a lot of difference in how the work should get done from one company to the next.  But, just like an experienced driver getting a new car, you still need to understand where the button is for the trunk release, how to turn the back windshield wiper on, and oh, that new beeping sound…that’s the lane departure warning.

Just because you’ve driven a car for decades, doesn’t mean the newness of the new car is any less, well, new. 

And so, getting the same job in a new company is also still new.  This is where a solid onboarding program come in to play in a successful wahve engagement.  The wahve is going to need some time to get to know new processes, procedures, software, etc.  Our wahves are proud that they have years of experience in the insurance industry and they want to be successful.  They will need resources (a helpful co-worker or manager) and tools (written procedures, for example) to get them on the right track.

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about training. Just like the new car scenario, for an experienced wahve, training doesn’t necessarily need to be a three-weeks long, all encompassing, bumper-to-bumper overview of everything. But having no formalized introduction to the infotainment system (I mean, agency management system) is setting the wahve up for potential failure. 

Here are some helpful tools to consider having ready for your next wahve hire:

  • 1. Decide on a dedicated person in your office who will get the wahve up to speed quickly.
  • 2. Determine if your written procedures need an overhaul. Are they current and relevant for your current processes?  Do they include how to navigate in your software programs? 
  • 3. Does the team understand what work the wahve will be doing and how to work with the wahve as part of the team? Does a new workflow need to be developed to avoid any confusion?


While you don’t need to give driving lessons to the wahves (thankfully, they are past that nail biting stage!) you do need to invest in their learning some new car systems to ensure they continue to be successful. – Elizabeth Kordek CPCU WAHVE Placement Specialist


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