Owning your Office Space

Apr 14, 2016

WAHVE - Owning Your Office SpaceOne of the primary benefits of working remotely is that you are not bound to a specific place. You’re free from staring at an unfortunate green paint color all day or sniffing the odd mixture of lunch hour smells that are creeping from the office kitchen. You, wahver, get the rare opportunity to create the perfect productivity hub where you will work at your very best.

Consider the autonomy you have – you can play any music you’d like, you can choose your window view, you can light your favorite candles – the list of freedoms goes on!

But for those new to remote working, this is a completely foreign concept. You may be unsure where to begin. Here are some tips and tricks to creating your own uniquely ideal work environment:

  • Find the items that inspire you | Similar to what you might have done when you commuted to an office, find inspiration in family photos, mementos, quotes that inspire you, house plants, quirky lamps – really, whatever speaks to you.
  • Stock up on the essentials | The last thing you need is to run out of printer paper or an ink cartridge – all too easily that one errand can turn into five, then all of a sudden you feel behind. Mid-day supply runs can turn into a wasted afternoon, so be sure to keep the nuts and bolts close by.
  • Find the light | Some people really reap the benefits of being in a space with natural light. This can have a major influence on your happiness (a little Vitamin D can do you good!), and it can also signal when it’s time to set your work aside and start winding down your day.
  • Don’t forget the kitchen | Dedicate a special place in your kitchen cabinets or pantry for “office” snacks. Sometimes, a full fridge can lead to cooking escapades or mindless snacking. Having a designated area set aside for work snacks will keep you reaching for the foods and drinks that will keep you energized throughout the day.
  • Mix it up | Different rooms in your home can be used for different tasks. This might not work for everyone – some wahvers may prefer just a home office. But consider, for example, if you’re doing some low-key, low-pressure work, perhaps you put on a pot of coffee and work on the back deck, enjoying the background noise. Or, perhaps if the task requires a space that’s less interrupted, you can retreat to a study or makeshift office space you create in a less-used room in your home.
  • Keep it organized | It doesn’t have to be spotless. However, during the busier weeks it’s easy to let used coffee cups sit there, or let your home’s mail stack up next to your work files. But remember to respect your workspace and take a few minutes each day to de-clutter. This will keep your mind clear.
  • Don’t forget to leave!| We can all get a bit hare-brained if we don’t take small breaks every once in a while. Try to designate places in your house where you do not allow yourself to work. These areas are where you can truly retreat and relax because you know your work is done for the day.

Tell us about your home office space. What are your preferences?


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