What Plays in Peoria Doesn’t Shine in Hollywood – Take 3

Sep 6, 2012

peoriaHere is a third follow-up to my Insurance Views column in Insurance News and Views. From Jennifer Gregorski of Farmers Insurance in Dresher, Pennsylvania comes the following:

“I read your op-ed for IA Magazine and I couldn’t agree more. I was reading a story to my children one night and part of the story was about the character’s nightmare and it was a life insurance agent at a party! Talk about deflating my ego.

I swear my life is a movie. I’m a 30-something woman starting her own agency trying to balance work, family in a predominately male industry.

Hollywood always takes the cheap shot at agents, we make great villains but if they took the time it would be a great heartwarming movie….
Imagine the scene of a movie depicting the agent delivering the life insurance check to the family after a tragic accident? That family would be in desperate need had that agent not taken the time to sell them a policy.”

It doesn’t take a star to make a hero. What is one instance when you guided a client to make a decision that later proved valuable? Don’t by shy! Post a comment or send me an email at Sharon.Emek@WAHVE.com.

— Sharon Emek, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO


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