Remotely Concerned, Part 3: Accessibility

Mar 15, 2015

The questions and concerns we address most when talking to folks about working at home are remote concerns. Questions like:

  1. Isn’t face time important?
  2. Can remote workers be as productive as in-office employees?
  3. How will I access what I need from the central office?


The last posts addressed the first two concerns and we have dedicated this blog to answering the last, extremely valid concern. We believe the answers are simple. We believe in a revolutionary wahve of work-at-home employees, remotely accessed, who are productive and passionate in their work!

Question 3: How will I access what I need from the central office?

It isn’t surprising that technology has advanced productivity in leaps and bounds. A workplace without email is unimaginable and yet what email was 20 years ago, conference (phone & video) is now.

In a study conducted by Verizon, it was noted that busy professionals attend on average over 60 meetings each month. A five-person
meeting conducted in-person (involving plane travel for four of the attendees) is over seven times more expensive than a meeting conducted by audio conference, and nearly three times as expensive as a video conference. The breakdown is as follows:

  • In-person meeting $5,197.50
  • Audio conference $689.24
  • Video conference $1,700.69

With wireless technology, working out of a home office (or Starbucks) is pretty darn easy and inexpensive! Connecting to the mother ship is a click away.

With all that being understood, wahves come to the table equipped, ready to work at home. Here’s why. We have an IT Administrator extraordinaire (Patty) who does a thorough job onboarding each and every new wahve. She finds out their current equipment, software version and then reaches out to the Client verifying the systems they have in place for remote access are compatible
(virtual, cloud, remote in, cell forwarding, etc.).

Patty actually remotes into the new wahve’s computer and sets it all up and reimburses each person for a second monitor, just to make life a little bit easier. Now that’s service with a smile!

New ways in doing things can be intimidating at first, but we ensure every wahve is fully equipped to access their central office. Productive people are equipped people and we are proud to offer IT assistance when necessary.

We at WAHVE are committed to the work-at-home model and believe the changing tides are indicative of endless possibilities and potential. We’re riding the wave with you!


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