The American Dream: Do It Yourself

Feb 22, 2012

hard-workThe traditional American Dream “is being superseded by a ‘do it yourself’ version that builds off of personal goals and values.”

That’s a finding from the fifth annual MetLife “Study of the American Dream,” as reported by Michael Stanley in, the online home of National Underwriter Life & Health.

According to the article, which reported on more than 2,400 online surveys conducted for the MetLife study:

  • The American dream is becoming more individualized and less homogenized and collective.
  • Non-financial elements are more important. “Self-fulfillment and maintaining meaningful and rewarding relationships have eclipsed more utilitarian aspects of the dream such as financial and professional success,” reported the article.
  • Wealth and success are distinct: 70% of those surveyed stated that wealth is not a requirement for achieve the American dream
  • Three quarters of survey respondents viewed a financial safety net as essential to the American dream. But only 3 of 10 perceived their own safety net as adequate
  • Half of boomers who responded said they had a weak plan set up for retirement savings.

How has your view of the American dream changed as you have advanced in your career and life? What do you see around you in your region of the country?

–Sharon Emek, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO


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