The Benefits of Hiring an Expert

Feb 29, 2016

Have you been curious about the benefits of hiring a work at home vintage expert? Bailey M. Battle wrote to us to share her WAHVE success story. Bailey explains how her wahve, Denise, has helped her staff and agency succeed. Here’s what she has to say:

Bailey Battle - Keen Battle MeadI wanted you all to know how amazing Denise has been. Not only is she smart and quick as a whip (picked up WorkSmart in no time flat!), she is also very sweet and so wonderful to work with. She has powered through months and months of policies and has cleaned up our backlog in an impressive amount of time and has brought our policy checking to such a great place! She is so detailed and thorough with her work; in particular, all her notes about exclusions and sublimits on policies are going to be such a HUGE help to our account managers when they work on their renewals for those policies.

This has also helped our Account Managers tremendously, so they could focus on getting the rest of their desk at least up-to-date, but some even ahead. I am so very thankful for Denise and all that she has done so far for our agency!

All in all – she is so easy to work with, accommodating and a hard, dedicated worker. You all are very lucky to have her, as we feel very grateful to have her helping us!!

Thank you,

Bailey M. Battle | Risk Advisor

If you would like more information on becoming a wahve or hiring a wahve, or if you would like to share your WAHVE success story, please contact us.


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