Trade Editor Takes On 2 Myths About Retirement

Jan 20, 2014

Myth or RealityThe insurance industry that I love has its habits.

One habit — aptly pointed out by Bill Coffin, writing at – is that insurance marketers push the notion that it’s vital for workers to retire whenever they can afford to — and then avoid having to live with their children.

Bill’s piece “Live with your kids and work till you die” noted: “I don’t necessarily agree with … the notion that it is either bad to work late in life (even until the day you die) or to live with your adult children.”

The opinion column goes on to point out:

“We all know that for most, retiring right at 65 is either difficult or impossible, especially thanks to the great retirement fund wipeout that happened at the start of the Great Recession. This has delayed many plans to stop working at 65 and enjoy a life of leisure for years afterward.”

I think this editor is channeling some of the thoughts that led me to create WAHVE. He also wrote:

“Mortality among the recently retired spikes because people who have worked for decades can’t just switch that off and replace it with building model trains.”

Amen, Bill. Preach it.

Be sure to read this interesting column and comment about Bill’s insights.



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