Being a WAHVE

Dec 1, 2014

Have you been curious about what it means to become a WAHVE? The entire “work at home vintage expert” is a new concept and because of that, we’d love to introduce you to one of our “WAHVES.” Judy explains how WAHVE has transformed her retirement into a productive, joyful and worthwhile “pretirement” experience. Listen to what she has to say!

Being a WAHVE is the ultimate experience to add to my insurance career.  It truly feels like a reward for the years I put in commuting and working a fast paced personal lines desk at the agency level.  Now, as I work from the comfort of my second story office in my home that overlooks beautiful farm fields, I can still be productive, keep my insurance knowledge updated and my skills sharpened; all the while knowing I am making a positive difference in the daily routines of the account executives I assist.

Many times as an account manager, I wished for some “back end” processing assistance.  I was a top producer at generating new business as an account manager and could have greatly increased my numbers if more time had been available.  It is my hope that WAHVE will reach more and more agencies, offices, etc. and sell them this employment alternative.

This is why I am such an avid supporter.  The need exists and the solution is WAHVE! If there was ever a poster person for WAHVE it would be me.  Wouldn’t it be great if one day when you didn’t have a WAHVE you’d be the exception?

Expressing my gratitude to you only scratches the surface of how appreciative I am for this opportunity that has fulfilled my life and that of my family.

~ Judy Bush, ACSR, CPIW

If you would like more information on becoming a wahve or hiring a wahve, please visit our website.


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