We Had A Wahve For That Job….!

Nov 21, 2018

We Had A Wahve For That Job….!

An unbelievable match between a client and a candidate.

We received a request from an agency owner who specializes in placing coverage for wilderness recreation, nature/outdoor education and environmental conservation businesses.  He explained that he couldn’t just hire any CSR, he actually needed someone who knew his industry niche.  I’ve had requests in the past to find a ‘unicorn’ candidate – but this one beat them all.

Since the owner had looked high and low for a local candidate but came up empty, he turned to WAHVE. He knew we had a broad database of qualified insurance professionals from all walks of life and experiences, but I tried to let him know that his niche was so specialized we might not be able to find him someone well versed in his industry. He understood but shared that the other hiring platforms he had already tried churned up a lot of resumes, but very few, if any, that he felt comfortable pursuing.

I searched our database and was delighted to find a candidate who seemed to check some of the boxes for this job. When I emailed the details of the opportunity to her she called me right away and revealed that her work experience was much more than her resume reflected. She not only had experience with some clients who were in the outdoor adventure arena, but she had worked with a wide range of businesses – from canoeing companies to dude ranches, white water rafting companies and associations who connect the dots for all things related to outdoor adventuring.  She knew how to ‘talk their talk’, knew which markets are commonly used, what coverage is often requested for certificates, and how to manage the expectations of land owners, states, and park services.

If I was amazed at this job/candidate match, you can imagine the reaction of the agency owner.  He couldn’t hire her fast enough and wished he hadn’t spent so much of his own time looking for someone who might work. Instead, he felt he found someone who would work. Stay tuned for an update on how this turns out but it’s safe to say that if this match can be made, what other unicorns within the WAHVE talent pool are just waiting to be found? – Elizabeth Kordek, CPCU Senior Placement Specialist


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