What’s in a Name?

Jul 2, 2018

Remote, according to Miriam Webster, has several meanings.  Some of these include:

  1. separated by an interval or space greater than usual
  2. far removed in space, time or relation
  3. out of the way, secluded
  4. small in degree, slight.

There are a few others, but the four listed, are those that I take issue with.

I am considered a “remote worker” in that I work from my home (or basically from anywhere with a secure internet connection). Sure, I don’t travel to a physical office location every day, contribute to the office coffee fund or consult a stack of papers tucked away in a file cabinet to do my work.  But I can attest that I am never separated by “interval”.  Everyday I interact with my coworkers whether via phone, email or using a networking platform.

I am not tucked away in a cave, nor am I hunkered down in a cabin in the woods (though I could be).  I can take a quick walk outside to check mailbox and say hi to neighbors on the way – no seclusion here.  People within my organization and those outside of it consistently react and respond to me.  The work I do is current and time sensitive and not far removed.

Perhaps the most important aspect of being a “remote” worker that runs counter to Messrs. Miriam and Webster’s definition is number four, the importance of my work.  It is not small or slight, in fact it is enormous, and puts me at the precipice of the revolution of changing workplace culture. My work is relevant and challenging.  It is sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding.  In no way could it be described as small or slight.

Thankfully, my company, Work At Home Vintage Experts, did not include the word remote in its name.  I believe that is because, that would be a misnomer.  We work at home but are not remote.  My co-workers and I, along with our clients and customers, are connected. Our business pursuits and professional goals are in lockstep with each other.  We recognize the potential and power of dedicated, intelligent people who work from home.

We are not remote, we are connected, involved, engaged and insightful!   So, I suggest consulting your dictionary before using a word to describe something. – Deborah Falco, Administrative Assistant


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