When you hire a wahve, everyone wins

Jul 8, 2021

Like many of you reading this blog, I haven’t seen anyone in person from work in over a year. Sure, I miss some of my coworkers, but I’m not looking forward to going back to the office, especially when I consider how much I accomplish in a given day at home. When I worked in the office, I was constantly interrupted by people who stopped by my desk to “catch up” on the weather, what I ate at the weekend BBQ, or to tell me about an uncle’s cousin who bought a boat from a guy in the Hamptons but blew a tire on the drive back going over the Cross Bronx Expressway. Some days, I felt like I spent more time wasting time than getting work done.

I know I’m not alone in thinking this way – as the US recorded its most productive employee time in history with workers who worked remotely over the past year. For anyone lucky enough to be in an industry propelled or unaffected by the pandemic economy, this resonates. We literally pulled out our ironing boards, converted them to desks, sat on previously unused ottomans, turned on Hipster Cocktail Party Radio and worked worked worked around the clock (save a few snuggle breaks with Fluffy or Rex).

We turned commute time into time working-on-the-railroad-all-the-live-long-day, while regular work time became a well-orchestrated concert of Zoom, PowerPoint, coffee, repeat. If we each had a dollar for every time we heard “you’re on mute” or “can you repeat the question…” 

In the midst of it all, we took a deeper look at what we wanted to do, where we wanted to live, and who we wanted to spend our time with.  And then…we woke up one morning and 8 million people had quit their jobs: literally quit in the last two months. Forbes, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal all had articles outlining the huge employee migration.

People went from working to actively looking to quitting.  According to many of the articles, it’s now more important than ever for employers to be open to new ways of working and new types of workers from all geographical locations.

 If you’re an employer in the insurance industry, now is the perfect time to consider hiring work-at-home vintage experts (wahves) who aren’t looking for a lifelong career or debating whether they’ll return to the office depending on what you do or don’t provide. At WAHVE , we help you find pretiring experts with decades of experience who are matched to fit your unique needs. All they want in return for being asked to be a valuable contributor to your team:

  1. Opportunity to stay productive and earn an income
  2. Ability to work remotely from home
  3. Defined work in a skilled area based upon their years of experience

What they bring to the table:

  1. Decades of experience
  2. Motivation and commitment
  3. Empathy and understanding
  4. Skills and knowledge (that they are eager to share)
  5. Quality – every one of our remote workers has 25+ years of expertise that they bring to getting work done

While the rest of the resume updaters wait for employers to change, it’s a good time to pursue the steady, solid contributors with years of knowledge who have already figured out their life-work balance contract and are looking to exchange experience and contribution for a remote work-from-home position.


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