Young At Any Age

Oct 23, 2015

thenew40Remember when 30 was the new 20? That trend seemed to last for about 10 years in the 80’s and then quickly morphed into 40 as the new 30, somewhere in the 90’s. Now, in an accelerated version, 60 has somehow become the new 40. And on we go.

Do we see a trend? It’s no surprise that the age of what determines old and young has been blurred many times over by the boomers.

According to an article in US News & World Report, “most baby boomers do not worry too much about how long they’re going to live. Experts suggest that many boomers feel as much as 15 years younger than people the same age a generation ago. Boomers peg “old age” at somewhere around 78 or 80, and most boomers without major health problems just assume they’re going to live to about 86. That’s a reasonable assumption. The life expectancy of a current 60 year old, according to government statistics, has reached a record of 84 years.”

So what trick have boomers discovered that the generations before did not? And what can we continue to do in order to keep pushing the limits of when we become, “OLD?”

Boomer Café suggests that boomers have modeled these simple truths:

  • Schedule regular checkups. See your doctor every six months to a year to stay informed about the state of your health.
  • Always eat breakfast! Among other benefits, eating a healthy breakfast can give you a more nutritionally complete diet, improved concentration and performance, and better weight control.
  • Take a walk. Other regular physical activities that do not require much exertion, such as biking, gardening, or yard work, will also do the trick.
  • Switch up your routine. Sometimes our brains need to be awakened.
  • Don’t be afraid to branch out. The mind thrives on variety.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep serves to improve your reaction times, memory, and I.Q., and it helps consolidate your memories more efficiently.
  • Stay social. Research has found that socializing is just as much of a cognitive exercise as crossword puzzles…and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • Get involved. Consider joining a club, participating in a book group, attending a class, or doing volunteer work.
  • Shift your mindset. Older is wiser.

What determines old and young has become less about rigid statistics. It is not solely marked by shifts in lifestyles either, like becoming an empty nester or a retiree. It’s an active attitude that takes life as it feels, not as it appears on a graph. Being young at any age is a choice that boomers have largely stepped into with humor, grace and activity. Again inspiring generations that follow, boomers continue to lead the way.

Young at any age? How old do you feel?


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