Your Remote Retirement Plan: Working Beyond the Office

Aug 19, 2021

Here’s some good news: According to a 2020 Deloitte survey, 75% of insurance employees are reporting a strong intent to stay with their employers for the next year. Plus they weren’t concerned about workforce reductions and they value meaningful work.

In fact, the employment outlook for anyone considering a career in the insurance industry remains an upbeat one. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says the industry’s expansion will add plenty more jobs over the next decade, with an 8.7% expected growth in employment opportunities.

For insurance professionals looking to ease into retirement or supplement retirement income, that’s news to bank on. Especially now in an environment of remote work and remote operations, finding a work-at-home position in the insurance industry couldn’t be easier.

And WAHVE can make that happen for you. Are you considering retirement? Are you looking for transitional solution from full time to part time? Are you retired and looking for something to supplement the income? WAHVE connects experienced, retiring, or retired insurance professionals with companies that need specialized experience. The company gets right-fit experience at a reasonable rate. You get a part-time career on your terms.

Some of the perks of a WAHVE work-at-home position include:

No commute. Leave it behind. The time spent working is all the time you’ll have to devote to the job.

Increased productivity. Studies have shown that 72% of employers think their employees are more productive at home than in the office. Workers too report being more productive.

Greater work/life balance. Letting WAHVE place you in a work-at-home position gives you the very thing so many of us put at the top of our wish lists: a more balanced life. In fact, 75% of remote workers report that working from home improved their work/life balance, and 57% say they feel less stressed.

Continued income stream. Money for when you need it most. A WAHVE position gives you an income stream and the financial freedom you need during your retirement years.

Connection and purpose. One of the most compelling reasons to continue your career in a WAHVE work-at-home position is that it allows you the connection with the industry you’ve devoted a career to. Plus, having your own remote career gives you a sense of purpose and continued contribution – a giving back to the industry. Plus, your work will be valued and appreciated by the companies that hire you.

Plus, you have the ability to choose the type of work you’d like to do, and the hours that you’d like to work.

Ready to make the transition to a better retirement? Contact us. We’re here to help. We’ll match your skills and personality to the right job and company for you. There is no cost, but there is plenty of support from our team.

Whether looking to step down into retirement or to restart during retirement, let our team of placement specialists help connect you with your next opportunity. Plenty of companies are looking for help from people with your skills in a competitive job market. Are you ready to fill that gap?


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