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The Case for Hiring Older Workers

Harvard Business Review   • September – 2019

There’s a lot of talk about gender biasracial bias, and culture bias at work, and each are important for many reasons. But perhaps one of the biggest and most problematic types of bias we face is the bias of age: we often evaluate people based on their age, and this is now becoming a major challenge in the workplace.

Several years ago, through our research for Deloitte, we asked around 10,000 companies, “Is age a competitive advantage or competitive disadvantage in your organization?” The answer probably won’t surprise you. Over two-thirds of the companies considered older age a competitive disadvantage. This is consistent with data from the AARP that shows two-thirds of individuals age 45 to 74 have experienced age-related discrimination.

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The Future of Retirement

Age Wave, in partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, undertook nine landmark studies focused on all aspects of life in retirement. To complete this body of work, the Age Wave team reviewed thousands of papers, reports and datasets, conducted over 140 expert interviews and 43 focus groups, surveyed 50,000+ respondents, and put in 70,000+ collective work hours. These landmark studies have garnered 10B+ media impressions to date. All nine reports followed by a few representative media impressions have been compiled into this document for your convenience. • Americans’ Perspectives on New Retirement Realities and the Longevity Bonus, 2013 • Family & Retirement: The Elephant in the Room, 2013 • Work in Retirement : Myths and Motivations, 2014 • Health & Retirement: Planning for the Great Unknown, 2014 • Home in Retirement: More Freedom, New Choices, 2015 • Giving in Retirement: America’s Longevity Bonus, 2015 • Leisure in Retirement: Beyond the Bucket List, 2016 • Finances in Retirement: New Challenges, New Solutions, 2017 • Women & Financial Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line, 2018

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