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September 2018 Newsletter

Riding the Wave of the Living Longer Tsunami: Get Ready to Hire Younger Older Professionals

Everywhere, from popular culture to the medical community, society has picked up on this metaphor for our count…

May 2018 Newsletter

The Emotional Mind

In an age where we leverage technology in the majority of our daily life-which already makes many aspects of our lives better-we need to consider how to use technology to improve our action…

March 2018 Newsletter

A Culture of Trust and Hiring & Cultivating a Multigenerational Workforce

A few months ago, the CEO of a corporate network security company, Corey E. Thomas, gave a compelling interview in which he said the…

January 2018 Newsletter

Going Virtual in the Digital Age

Recently I read an inspiring story of a small Baltic nation and its success in making itself a “digital republic.” In Estonia, population 1.3 million, the government has co…


December 2017 Newsletter

The Holidays: A Season of Traditions, New & Old

When I reflect on celebrating the holidays, I think about tradition, defined as “a long-established or inherited way of thinking, a continuing pattern of cult…


September 2017 Newsletter

What if an Employer’s Next Great Hire is 2000 Miles Away?

There are new workforce trends that make remote work an even smarter solution than ever before. A recent report Dynamism in Retreat by the bipartisan th…


May 2017 Newsletter

Something to Make You Smile

The business benefits of happy employees
Happy employees are not only more productive, but also “produce higher sales, perform better in leadership positions, and receive higher p…

September 2016 Newsletter