Agency of the Future: Here and Now

Apr 3, 2013

The word “future” is deceiving: Often it seems far away but sometimes something happens to prove that the future is happening here and now.

One such moment occurred at the Agents Council for Technology meeting in Dallas in February as industry leaders centered on the “Agency of the Future.” The brainpower and energy in the room were impressive while we were discussing ideas for future success and how to develop them. A key topic: The ways that consumers need and want to communicate are fundamentally different than just a few years ago.

After the meeting I had a chance to sit down and talk with one of those leaders: Jason Cass of JDC Insurance Group, a leading light in the independent agency business.

Jason Cass, principal of JDC Insurance Group, Centralia, IL, chair of the Big I National Young Agents Committee, and WAHVE client.

Jason combines a healthy respect for the industry and its traditions with an open, inquisitive mind. Key elements for Jason’s three-year-old agency have always been to make himself personally accessible and meet prospects and clients on their terms. I admire these strengths in Jason, along with his passion and commitment. He’s built an agency model on a work-at-home location using social communication and marketing.

Jason was and is very good at finding and selling the customer the right products and services. But as he built his book of business, Jason realized he did not have the time or capability to do everything alone. He needed help to service, make policy changes, process claims, and do the other important tasks necessary to deliver insurance protection to consumers.

He needed a person for the aspects of his agency that are complementary to his own strengths. As Jason explained: “I’m very good at taking something from A to L. Taking it from M to Z is not really my strength.” What’s more, JDC Insurance could not house an employee locally in Jason’s 60-square-foot home office.

I’m grateful, of course, that Jason turned to WAHVE to find and provide that insurance professional for JDC Insurance who complements his skills. That person is Lori, who connects to Jason’s agency management system and phone system from her home in Colorado, three states over from Jason’s office in Centralia, Illinois. She handles quoting, endorsements, applications, and other business processes. Clients and underwriters interact with the wahve professional never knowing that she is a contract remote staff person. The result? “I have had fantastic results with WAHVE,” Jason told me.

I love a story with a great ending – although Jason’s success is only beginning!

We’ll be publishing more from Jason Cass in coming months so be sure to watch our blog, website and LinkedIn WAHVE group.

Yogi Berra once said: “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Looking at all the talented people like Jason in our business and what they’re trying to do, I think it’s getting even better.

What changes in this great business of insurance make you sit up and notice that the future is here and now? Tell us in the comments section or email me at

– Sharon Emek, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO


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