Vintage Workers in High Demand in Insurance Industry

May 19, 2013

There are more jobs available than there are qualified people to fill them.

When is the last time you heard that?

There is pent-up demand in the insurance industry for qualified workers at retail and wholesale/MGA insurance firms, for such positions as:

— Commercial Lines CSR’s, Underwriters, Marketers, Raters, Assistants/Processors

— Personal Lines CSR’s, Raters, and Assistants/Processors

Our team here at WAHVE would love to fill these jobs with vintage professionals who are “phasing” into retirement and want to work from home. Many of our wahves (which is what we call our vintage professionals) were referred to us by our friends and colleagues in and around the insurance industry.

That’s where you come in: Please consider referring people you know who have retired (either voluntarily or through downsizing) or who are thinking of retiring. You can simply tell them to visit the WAHVE website at and learn all about us.

We want to help the insurance industry’s vintage professionals have the opportunity to work from home so that they have work-life balance as they “phase” into retirement. Today, these individuals have numerous job opportunities open to them including positions as customer service representatives (CSRs), marketers, raters, processors and underwriters.

— Sharon Emek, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO


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