The Next Big Financial Product: Your Nest Egg, Annuitized?

Jul 26, 2011

piggy bank of America“Annuitize.” That’s financial jargon for taking a lump sum of money and spreading it out into a series of regular future payments.

And it’s the next big horizon for financial services companies.

Noted The Wall Street Journal in a recent news article:

“Some of the industry’s biggest players are introducing free or low-cost services that will help you convert your savings into a reliable stream of lifelong income. The products are aimed primarily at the millions of baby boomers who, though hesitant to hire a financial adviser, are unsure of how to spend their nest eggs without running a significant risk of going broke.”

There’s another way way to add to that retirement income: work.

That’s a trend that is growing more and more popular by the month in the insurance industry. WAHVE’s team has spoken with numerous insurance workers who retired, only to realize after six months that they missed the people and the work. And they realized they didn’t want to work in the local hardware store. They want to put their skills and experience to work in their chosen field of insurance.

Are you interested in working for an insurance firm on a remote, outsourced basis? We invite you to submit your information to WAHVE for consideration.

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