Word on the Street

Jul 19, 2011

What do Wahves say about WAHVE? Turns out they are delighted to be working with the forward thinking, innovative insurance firms that utilize their talents. One Wahve recently reported that in the current financial climate, she was not just happy to be productive and part of an energetic team, she was simply ecstatic to have a job that takes advantage of her talents. Then she added that after spending many hours commuting to her previous job, she was grateful to now put that time into good use — working!

And how do firms feel about using Wahves? By freeing up office staff to focus on the single most important element, the client, companies are able to retain clients and build revenue. Managers have reported that their Wahves work hard; are conscientious; and become part of the team quickly. One agency owner said that WAHVE is a good fit for both sides. Agencies just can’t find enough talent to do the knowledge based work and retirees have a difficult time finding flexible work options. Thank goodness there’s WAHVE…


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