What Brand Loves Are You Passing On To The Next Generation?

Jun 30, 2014



A&W, the root-beer and restaurant brand, is aiming to have boomers pass down their love for their products to their kids.

The brand launched a new ad campaign this spring that combined old school — classic food — with new school – a supposed world-record 304-character Twitter hashtag. That, plus a “Now & Then” voting campaign on its website shows that A&W is trying to capture the best of both demographic worlds.

While it once had 2,400 locations 40 years ago during a bygone era when drive-ins were popular, the chain is down to 500. But it’s trying to revive its restaurant business, according to The New York Times using television advertising (which boomers grew up with) with a social media twist (which boomers’ kids and grandkids grew up with).

I give them an A for effort.

Among my friends and family, many consumer favorites – mine include lox and bagels — have been passed down to the next generations. Doing so shows our appreciation for days gone by while trying to show those we care about what we like.

What favorite brands, TV shows, and other things have you passed on to your kids and grandkids??

— Sharon Emek, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE)


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