Getting Ahead of the Curve

Jul 13, 2023

I recently came across Deloitte’s 2023 Insurance Outlook report, and perusing it I wasn’t surprised that many points of optimism related to the rise of technology and virtual work. The development of workplace technology has accelerated at an astounding rate in recent years, with generative AI emerging as a potential game changer.

But while we often talk about being open to the innovations on the horizon, we rarely talk about getting ahead of change. Why is that? In business, we often strive to get out in front and be the leader, rather than settle for being a nameless competitor in the pack. We all want our companies to be trailblazers—poised for ultimate success. Shouldn’t we look at technology that way, too?

OK, so let’s say we do want to anticipate and get ahead of workplace changes. How can you position yourself that way?  How do you get to be someone “in the know”?

At WAHVE, we appreciate the value of staying connected to your network. Check in and share knowledge with the people you know who are working in the trenches. They’ll have the best insight into what’s driving their businesses. Keep track of what you’ve learned and assess it periodically to identify emerging trends.

A few other ideas:

  • Attend conferences, meetings, and industry events. The best and brightest are coming together from around the world to discuss the state of their industries. You want to be there.
  • Mine your own data. Thanks to customer information and surveys, claims data, market data, and more, you likely already have a ton of data that—with a little analysis—can reveal patterns and trends.
  • Look inward. Your very own employees are fonts of knowledge and insights. Establish workplace innovation programs to encourage people to propose and develop new ideas, and tap into the collective intelligence of your workforce.

What are some ways that you work to predict future changes—and what systems or procedures do you adopt to prepare for and embrace them?


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