Hire (Battle) Ground

Apr 5, 2011

job-marketInsurance hiring managers: Is finding and retaining qualified employees about to get even more difficult? 

Insurance firms are in competition to hire. Insurance organizations throughout the industry are ramping up hiring. Here are some numbers from a recent survey of the life/health/benefits sector: 

  • 53 percent of life insurers say they expect to increase the size of their staffs, according to an industry hiring tracking study in January 2011. That was up from 50 percent in July 2010. 
  • The percentage of life insurers expecting to downsize their employee population fell to 5% percent in January from 13% in July 2010.

The hiring tracking study, conducted by Jacobson Group, an insurance employment firm, and the Ward Group, a data analysis firm, included 106 U.S. and Canadian insurers, according to a February 11, 2011 article in National Underwriter Life/Health.

While those in the property/casualty segment of the insurance business might not perceive life insurance companies as in competition with them for skilled people, that might not be true. Employees are more connected and mobile than ever, and skills can be transferred from one sector of our business to another.


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