A Senior Moment

Mar 20, 2011

The term “senior moment” is well known as a light-hearted description of forgetfulness. Many people have said, after a gaffe: “Sorry, I had a senior moment.”
But senior moments come in positive forms, too. Someone who is, ahem, more seasoned can:
• Point out an experience or lesson from the past that applies now, years or even decades later.
• Understand the historical development of a business or organization to help it remain true to its brand.
• Teach another person a correct way to perform a task (make a sale, log a transaction, etc.) and steer that person away from the less-efficient ways to do it. (This is the basis of user groups such as NetVU and ASCnet that are so vital in the property-casualty insurance industry.)
Anyone who knows me realizes that I’m constantly saying that only people over age 80 are senior citizens. Many people at and past the traditional retirement threshold of age 65 no longer consider themselves “senior citizens.” In fact, they’re one of the biggest segments of the population. It’s time we looked to them for productive “senior moments.”
What “senior moment” has helped you recently in your job?  Let us know!


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