Holiday Greetings: As Time Goes By

Dec 15, 2010

holidayA year ago, I had no idea so many great things would happen in 2010 for Work At Home Vintage Experts – WAHVE. This is what happened:

  • Insurance industry retirees got excited about the opportunity to work part-time or full-time from home.
  • Insurance firms were seeking help with processes and operations, and trusting WAHVE to help generate operational efficiencies and improve revenue per employee
  • Insurance trade media editors are writing glowingly about WAHVE, in spades.

In fact, two years ago WAHVE was just a vision. It had no name, no customers, no vintage/retired experts. It started years back as a gut feeling, based on a career’s worth of observation and experience in the independent insurance agency distribution channel.

I knew the industry needed skilled workers and was having trouble finding, training and keeping young people. I saw the industry moving to the new normal soft market and the industry’s firms profit margins thinning. I saw the retiring workforce as the answer – keeping talent in the industry and at a lower cost to firms. But somebody needed to play matchmaker and provide them on an outsourced basis.

When I launched WAHVE in April 2010, we had a name and a methodology for finding and qualifying the retired and retiring talent throughout the industry and for matching them with firms as who need knowledgeable, experienced staff to handle the process work or function as a regular staff position on an outsourced remote basis.

Since then, it’s been a great ride.

  • Thank you to the firms who have hired wahves. You have not only gained by improving productivity and cost-savings but you also have provided a real economic benefit to retirees and to America.
  •  Thank you to all the retired and retiring insurance industry people who have registered with WAHVE thereby providing us with an extraordinary database of the industry’s intellectual capital. A number of first-class firms have hired wahves because, like us, they value and respect your experience, knowledge and talent.
  • Last but not least, thank you to all my good friends in the industry who believed in the concept and encouraged me to launch the company. Your ideas and your comments, your suggestions and enthusiasm have been invaluable. You confirm that that there are many in our industry who will unstintingly give of themselves to help others.

Wishing you the joy, warmth and peace of the holiday season throughout the new year.


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